I'm blind.
Consumed by a blackness that seems to reach the unfathomable corners of the Earth.
I am injured.
But i can't feel the pain.
I am not alone.
But my companion is dead.
But then- i'm Bounced.


1. Blind.

            I was blind.

            My cheek was pressed against a cool surface, I reached out my hand and scraped my fingernails across it; tarmac. Cautiously I sat up, and would have surveyed my surroundings had I been able to see anything but the consuming darkness, thick like oil. I waved my hand in front of my face, unable even to glimpse the white of my palm.

            I took a deep, shuddering breath and lifted my knees to my chest, my hands to my head. My right hand sunk into a thick liquid, my breath caught. Probing my scalp, I found a deep depression, there was no pain, and yet i screamed; a high-pitched, harrowing scream that I wouldn’t have thought any human being could produce, let alone me. I was blind and bloody, something was wrong.

            I forced myself on my hands and knees and crawled forward, hoping to somehow find a light, light was good, light was safe. Nausea engulfed me as dragged myself through a wide pool of syrupy fluid; blood, my blood.

            You can do it Emily, forward, forward.

            I duly followed my own encouraging instructions, until my knee brushed something, fabric against fabric. I closed my eyes, though they were of no use to me, and took another deep breath, before reaching my arm out to touch the dead body beside me.

            I felt her arm first, where my knee had made contact, then moved up her chest to her face, and the lip gloss that stuck to my fingers. Her eyes were open, and contact with them made me recoil, before wearily reaching out again. I dragged my fingers through the curls of her hair, to where it became matted with blood, to the sunken region of skull on the right side of her head.

            No, no, no, no, no…

            With my other hand, I touched my own damaged bone, the injuries were identical. I fingered the hem of her jumper, knitted, just like mine. Gasping with desperation, I crawled beside the long, thin, lifeless frame to her feet, feeling the material of her boots; thick leather, double knotted laces.

            Doc. Martens, just like mine. And I knew that because this girl was me, had to be me. I rushed to get away from the body, hauling myself backwards and wailing with a shock and despair and confusion that I couldn’t contain, I had no Idea what was happening to me, or why, or how- a metallic bang. In my haste, I’d struck a large metal object, but did not feel the pain of the collision.

            I reached up to touch it, a morbid curiosity willing me to explore, though it didn’t take long for me to discover that it was a car. My fingers were clasped around the door handle, my nails scraped the paint.

            So, this is how I died.

            The realisation, that I was dead and gone, almost forced another desperate cry from my lips, but instead I forced myself to stand, grasping the car for support, and walking with the shivering steps of a baby stumbling for the first time, to the bonnet.

            Crumpled, crushed like paper, curled around a lamp post.

            “Are you ready?” a voice whispered in my ear. Startled, I gasped and spun towards the source of the breathy words. I reached out my arms to nothing but air.

            “T-to what?” I asked; to meet my maker? To walk towards the light?

            “To Bounce.”

            Abruptly, I was wrenched backwards from the small of my back. My hair whipped around my face by the gale that thrashed around me, I reached out my arms to clasp back something from the darkness, but I was being pulled like a kite being reeled back to earth. The jet black faded to grey, and the grey made way to colour; colour that blurred from objects that I couldn’t make out.

            My back slammed against the ground.



(A/N: I was thinking of scrubbing out the face of this one and drawing a more realistic one? I'd still have this was saved but... I dunno, do you guys think it would look better realistic? Thanks!)

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