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Gracie Murray has been in foster care since she was 8 her past was nightmare when she stays with the tomlinsons for a while what will happen when she meets Louis. Gracie has a couple of dark secrets that they can't know about. What happens when her foster father hunts her down. Is she safe? Will she ever be safe?


5. SURPRISE! Merry Christmas

Jay's POV

I already got all the christmas presents for Louis and Mark. So I decided to buy Gracie some clothes and stuff since Christmas is four days away. When we arrived to the mall the first place we went to was GAP. There were so many cute clothes. "Is there anything you like?" I asked.  She nodded. "Why don't you go look around" I suggested. She agreed and started to browse. "Hello Welcome to GAP do you need help with anything" an employee asked. "Um.... yes actually well i have this little girl and well this is her first time in the UK so can you help me find her size?" "Sure where is she?" "she's over there" i pointed. She was admiring a summer dress there were navy blue and white stripes with to straps to wrap around her neck. 

Gracie POV:

Jay is so nice. I don't want to much though i hate being spoiled. She came to me with and employee. "This is Tammy she's going to help us" Tammy came and measured me "Ok well she's a medium in shirts and dresses. She's size 13 in shoes and a medium in socks. She's a medium in shorts." she said. "Ok well thank you." jay said. Tammy left and we continued to look around.

Jay's POV: 

She really didn't know what so to so to help her i gave her some clothes to try on. "Do you like anything?" she came out with only a couple things that will probably last a week. I looked through the stuff she chose but i didn't see the summer dress she saw earlier. "Did you like the summer dress i picked" she shrugged. I knew she wanted that dress but she didn't want to admit it. After paying we looked around she saw a lot of things. I could tell she was into music all she looked at were the CDs. I know what I'm getting her for christmas. 


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