Help me

Gracie Murray has been in foster care since she was 8 her past was nightmare when she stays with the tomlinsons for a while what will happen when she meets Louis. Gracie has a couple of dark secrets that they can't know about. What happens when her foster father hunts her down. Is she safe? Will she ever be safe?


2. Stop it Stop it

i woke up to the sound of screaming and banging. I really thought nothing of it until i heard charlie screaming "Stop it stop it!" I panicked quickly running out of the basement to find charlie tied up sitting on top of the stairs. Eric was about to fling charlie down the stairs. I hastily ran to the phone and called 911. "hello this is 911 what's your emergency"  a lady asked. "Hello-" i said before i could finish eric covered my mouth and whispered "hang up right now or I will kill you you understand me?" he asked. I nodded my head slowly. "Help me!" I screamed before hanging up. "that's it!" he yelled. He carried me over his shoulder and tied me up. He then sat me down next to charlie. A gun and knife was slowly pulled out of his pocket. Before i could react he pushed charlie down the stairs. My heart just suddenly stopped... Seeing my brother now on the floor trying to hold back the tears of misery. There was a lump in my throat trying not to cry. Eric held the gun to my head and the knife to my throat. i was trying to think of a way to save myself. I wiggled my hand realizing my hand was free. I reached for Eric's leg and dug my sharp nails into his leg. He screamed in pain dropping the gun and knife. I grabbed the knife cutting the rope and running downstairs trying to set my brother free. Eric ran down the stairs trying to attack me he punched me in the stomach and face. I shot down to the floor clutching my stomach. There was a loud knock on the door. "This is the police get down on your knees and put you're hands up." Yelled the cop. "Let me do the talking ok?" asked Eric. I nodded in response. The door broke open. Both Eric and i had our hands up. The cop grabbed Eric and asked him what happened. "I was trying to help her brother and she got the wrong idea and started attacking me. Now I have bruises and marks because of her" he said showing them the bruise i gave him and other bruises he gave himself. "Is this true sweetie?" asked the cop. "Yes but no I-" the cop didn't even let me finish. I was handcuffed and taken away from my brother.


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