Help me

Gracie Murray has been in foster care since she was 8 her past was nightmare when she stays with the tomlinsons for a while what will happen when she meets Louis. Gracie has a couple of dark secrets that they can't know about. What happens when her foster father hunts her down. Is she safe? Will she ever be safe?


4. Keep her safe

Johannah's POV:

It was 4 days before Louis birthday when I got a call from a guy named Jason. "Hello?" "Hello is this Johannah Tomlinson?" he asked. "Yes, but you can just call me Jay" "Ok well I was calling to ask you for a favor" I've known Jason for a while now. He's a really close friend. "Sure what is it" I asked. "Ok well I know this guy and he helps children find foster homes. He's helping a girl named Gracie she in a very bad place. Can you watch her just for a little bit." I thought about it for a while "Jason look i have three children i don't know" "Come on please just for a few weeks i promise." he pleaded. I thought about a little more maybe this won't be so bad after all. " Sure I guess"  "Oh thank you so much he'll be happy to hear that"  he cheerfully said. I chuckled. "ok well can you meet me at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary" he asked. I thought of Louis when he said that. "Sure I'll meet there about 15 minutes max." "ok sounds good. See you then." i hung up and got ready. "Mark can you watch the kids I'm going to... the store" I didn't want Mark or Louis to know. "Sure just don't take too long" "ok!" i quickly grabbed my keys and made my way to the car.

Gracie POV:

I felt... numb. It was weird. I think I'm alive. "Here is Gracie" A man said. "What happened to her." a lady said. Yep I'm alive. I tried opening up my eyes. At first my vision was blurry i could only see shapes. I tried sitting up hoping my vision would get better. Luckily it did. I was trying to adjust to the light. There was a very pretty lady just watching me... there was also a man standing behind her. Terry was there. "Hey Gracie this is my friend Jason and his friend Johannah" Terry said. "Hi honey you can just call me Jay." the woman greeted. It was nerve wrecking what if she tries to hurt me. Terry was the only one I could really trust. I slightly waved. Terry came close to my ear "Gracie it's ok she's not going to hurt you." He whispered. She... well Jay slightly rubbed my arm trying to comfort me. It only made things worse. 


Jay's POV

She seemed so... sensitive i think. She was completely startled by my touch. Her heart monitor started to beep faster by the second. She just started panicking. I rapidly removed my hand before anything else happened. The doctor came in "Well Gracie looks like you came with a broken leg and rib but don't worry we fixed it and your leg is in a cast. You can leave in an hour or so." he said. 'thank goodness' i thought. "Gracie how old are you" I asked "eight" she whispered. A year younger than Louis. She looked so tired. I guess she took a power nap. about an hour and a half later the doctor came in informing us that Gracie can leave. She weakly stood up and made her way out the door. The nurse gave the medicine she needed to take. I guided Gracie to my car and drove her to the mall. "What's your full name honey?" I asked. "Gracie Cressida Murray" "What do you like" she shrugged her shoulders. her clothes were torn and dirty. Her beautiful golden brown hair flowed in the wind as I rolled the window down. Her sparkly chocolate eyes looked at me. "Please promise me I'll be safe" she begged "don't worry your going to be safe as long as you're with me." 


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