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Gracie Murray has been in foster care since she was 8 her past was nightmare when she stays with the tomlinsons for a while what will happen when she meets Louis. Gracie has a couple of dark secrets that they can't know about. What happens when her foster father hunts her down. Is she safe? Will she ever be safe?


3. Jail and birthday

"Where are we going?" i asked. "well we're taking you to the airport. Then you will be going on a plane to Doncaster, England." said the male cop. "What why?!" i exclaimed. "I don't know we were asked by someone" 'oh great' i thought. We made it to the LAX airport. Yes I live in California. "Well this is as far as we can take you" said the female cop nudging me to leave. I walked to the gates and boarded onto the airplane. I took one last look at america saying my last goodbye.

  The police  really didn't seem to care about me or my side of the story. They just threw me in with the older people. An older woman approached me. "I heard you almost killed your dad" she said. She kind of startled me. She seemed like a firm or tough. Tattoos crawling up her arm. "He's not my dad" I whispered. "Excuse me?! Did you just talk back to me." "N-"  The woman got mad and started punching me. how come no one let's me finish? She punched me in so many places. One minute I was on the floor the next minute I was crammed against the bars of our jail cell. I suddenly heard a loud crack. My leg was burning like it was on fire. I shrieked it was agonizing. She pulled my hair lifting me up on my feet. My tears were pouring. "Stop crying" She yelled slamming me up against a wall. I felt something warm trickling down my face. I was pretty sure it was blood.  I tried punching back but I was too weak to move. She knew I was trying to fight back which made her even more angry. It got to the point to where I thought I was going to die. the last thing she did was picking me up and literally threw my on the hard concrete floor. "Stop or I will shot" I faintly heard. Everything was spinning and getting darker. "Jesus please don't let me die." i thought before everything went black. 

Johannah's POV:

I was taking Louis, Lottie,and Fizzy to the park as an early birthday present for Louis. "Mum what are we doing here my birthday is not until next week." "I know just wait you'll see" We kept walking until we came to the playground. "Mark can you watch the girls I'm going to take Louis somewhere." "sure" We stated walking then i asked "How do you feel about Fizzy being born?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. Fizzy was born about 4 months ago and Lottie turned two four days before Fizzy was born. 

Louis POV: 

i thought the girls were cute. "i really don't mind i mean of course i love them" i said. I wonder where mum is taking me. we walked far away from the playground where the girls were. it seemed like we've been walking for hours but we finally made it to this bridge. it was hard to notice with all the trees. We walked over the bridge and found this small beautiful garden but it looked big from different angles. There was a small pond and plants everywhere. There were flowers and a small bench for sitting. "Happy early 9th birthday Louis" she said. It really was stunning. "This is so cool! How did you find it?" I asked. "I found this a while back when i was a little girl. My mom used to take me here." she said. She guided me the bench as we admired the beautiful loveliness of the garden.


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