Help me

Gracie Murray has been in foster care since she was 8 her past was nightmare when she stays with the tomlinsons for a while what will happen when she meets Louis. Gracie has a couple of dark secrets that they can't know about. What happens when her foster father hunts her down. Is she safe? Will she ever be safe?


1. Don't kill me

"Get down on your knees bit**" He said. My foster father is beating me to death. I was on my knees bawling begging him to stop. He paused for a minute. He went to his dresser and grabbed a belt. Before I could try and run I heard a loud slap and felt a burning sensation on my face. I always listened to him. I was only 8. My brother Charlie ,who is 4, was washing the dishes. We worked for Eric. It's like we were slaves. He would beat us to death if he either 1. Felt like it  or 2. We did something wrong. It seemed like hours when he stopped. It was excruciating to the point whereI was limping. I made my way to the closet getting ready to clean the house again. Meanwhile, Eric stayed in his room watching tv. I was being beaten because I "interrupted" him while I was cleaning. "I can't wait to get out of this jail" I muttered finishing up the living room. It was around midnight when I finished cleaning. I put Charlie to bed. I took my only pair of pajamas out of the washroom and got ready for bed. I went to the basement and lied down on the broken mattress and covered myself with a towel. That's how it usually is. Before I went to bed I went to the other side of the small basement. There stood a small small table. 

On top was a little box with letters that spelled: Gracie and Charlie.

I opened the box inside was a note that said:

Dear Little Angels,

Our love will last forever no matter what happens to us we will always be there. You may not see us or hear us but we will always be there. Gracie please take care of Charlie. You mean the world to us and we will always love you <3. Love Mommy and Daddy.  

I kept looking and saw a picture of our family and A necklace with an infinity sign. On the back it said our love will last forever. A tear escaped my eyes as i remembered how amazing my life was when they were alive. I placed all the memories in the box except the necklace and limped back to my bed. 

i kissed the necklace before putting it on. the last thing i remembered was whispering "i love you" before falling asleep.


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