1 dog years latter after dr crestino has aparently gone good and evry things going to plan but wait, oh no someone's been killed now Louie
and the gyes have to fihnd out who did it asap,
befor it happens again.


3. what?

Eventually when Slim entered Lou’s room, were Lou was sitting at his desk. “Oh there you are Slim, it’s about time” said Lou. Then Slim sat down on Lou’s desk.


“Im sorry, I was clipping my claws” explained Slim as he rummaged through his pocket in his Hoodie.


 “I have something for you!” he continued as he passed the bile to Lou. “I spotted a Dalmatian run passed and he dropped this!” said Slim. Lou looked at it suspiciously.


“It looks like a snake is rapped around it” he said. But just then he noticed a drop of red liquid was still at the bottom of it. “Hay Slim there seems to be a red substance at the bottom of this bile!” Lou pointed out. “Ha you said bottom!” laughed Slim.


“No silly look!” demanded Lou as he handed the bile to his friend. “Oh yes there is, sorry for my childish games” he apologized with his tail between his legs, and passed it back to Lou.



“Well we should send this to our best scientist Peek, he will be able to tell us what this is” said Lou. “Come on Slim let’s go and get Peek, so we can find out what this is” he continued. Then they both got up and left the room, and Slim closed the door behind him.


They both made there way through the corridor and entered covert-opus the door opened upwards “ooooo” said Slim watching the doors move up. The room was full of Labradors that were working in the lab. Some were experimenting some, were inventing and some were doing something else, that I don’t really now any thing about.


They finally found Peek who was talking to his girlfriend Rachel. “Oh hay guys, I was just talking to Rachel here” he said waving good bye to her as she exited the room. “Can I help you?” he asked.


Then Lou and Slim sat down next to Peek, “well as you know Peek we are investigating the death of Butch that happened this morning, and we are thinking this may have some thing to do with it” said Lou as he passed the bile containing the red liquid.


 “I will need you to analyse it” he continued. Then Peek had a good look at it and said “well I can do that” then he walked over to his analyser and opened the bile and tipped it upside-down so the substance would fall out, and into the analyser.


 Then he pushed a couple of buttons, then after a few seconds the machine made a beeping sound. Then Peek looked at it to see what it had found. Then Peek looked up at his friends “it’s a type of poison called Botulinum toxin, this could easily kill any one” said Peek.  “So some one poisoned Butch!” said Lou   

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