1 dog years latter after dr crestino has aparently gone good and evry things going to plan but wait, oh no someone's been killed now Louie
and the gyes have to fihnd out who did it asap,
befor it happens again.


6. phone call


Whilst they were all standing there in silence, some ones phone, had randomly appeared in the middle of the room, went off stopping the silence.


 The ring tone was a light voiced man singing a song that no one knows what the name is of there song except for the owner of it.



“Err sorry that’s mine” said Daniel blushing with embarrassment about his music being played in front of every one. He quickly grabbed his phone and answered it.



“Hello” said Dan as Peek looked at him smiling knowing that the dog singing on that song was Daniel. “This isn’t a good time...” he continued “no im not with Lou!” lied Daniel. “I’ve got to go..... Yes I know I’ll take care of it…..Daniel out!” he said to who ever were on the other side of the phone.



“So who was that?” asked Lou suspiciously. Then Dan looked up and saw that every one was looking at him even Slim.


“What it’s none of your business!” said Daniel typing in a number. Then he put the phone up to his ear.


“Hi, is this agent 3294…… yes this is Shaw, I need you to pick some thing up for me” asked Dan.


Then Lou looked at Peek “what is he talking about?” he asked.



“Well you know Dan is wanted in many countries like America, Australia, Canada and in Mexico, and every were he is called some thing different like Dr Crestino, Dr Horrible, dirty-Dan and in America he is called Shaw” explained Peek to Lou as Dan continued to talk on the phone.



“Make sure it’s tomorrow got it!” ordered Dan, then he put his phone in his pocket and looked at his fellow dogs who were looking at him. “What, I tolled you privet!” said Daniel. Then he left the room.



“Tomorrow. What’s happening tomorrow?” asked Slim. “I don’t know Slim but you better keep an eye on him, I don’t know if we can trust him” said Lou. Then the all walked out of the room to sniff around and look for more suspects.

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