1 dog years latter after dr crestino has aparently gone good and evry things going to plan but wait, oh no someone's been killed now Louie
and the gyes have to fihnd out who did it asap,
befor it happens again.


10. invisable man????

As Vikki left the room she didn’t see that she was being followed by the invisible thing.


As she sat down next to Zoe who was wrapping the Genki’s arm in bandages, around 4 meters away from her, a door were Peek was being cared for after his accident, opened and the invisible man sneaked up the stairs behind the door.


The room has dark with two windows with cream coloured blinds, and a desk next to a bed were Peek was sitting, whilst he  was playing mind craft on his I pad.


“Hi Peek!” said the invisible man.


Then Peek looked around confused at who was talking to him. Then he said


“Err who is it?” he said scared of who it was.


Then the invisible guy revealed himself, it was Daniel!


“Hello buddy!”  Smirked Dan as he approached Peek with a black sack.


 “Arrr, Daniel!” Peek said shockingly, scared off what his brother was going to do with that sack.


“That’s rite brow it’s me, now do me a favour and zip it ok!” he replied as he grabbed Peek and shoved him into the sack.


Then looked at his high-tech watch to see if the teleporter had charged up yet, lucky for him it had so he pressed a button that made him and Peek disappear out of the room.


When Peek was let out of the sack and he looked around to see ware he had been taken. He saw that he was in a room in Daniels alpha building.


But just then he spotted Slim who was tied up to a post whilst some flame hyenas where guarding him.


But then Dan walked over and picked Peek up and pulled him over to one of the other posts and tied him up to it.


“Hay, ouch!” said Peek as he was firmly secured to the post.


“What did I tell you?...... Now you stay here with your friend oooh yes and closely followed by your wife Rachel!” said Dan ad he pressed a button on his watch making the wall lift up to let him see her behind the wall.


“Rachel!” yelled Peek tying to wiggle free.


 As Dan walked over to her and stroked he chin. “You know, she isn’t to bad looking for a Pomeranian!” smirked Dan trying to enjoy Peek.


“Now you will tell me every thing or she gets it!” shouted Dan and grabbing her snout.

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