1 dog years latter after dr crestino has aparently gone good and evry things going to plan but wait, oh no someone's been killed now Louie
and the gyes have to fihnd out who did it asap,
befor it happens again.


5. interrogation!!!!!

When Slim finally moved his hands to let Daniel see. As he looked around he saw that he was in a dark room with only a lamp light shining down on him.


 “You’ve got to be kidding me!” said Daniel as he looked down to see that he was tied to the chair. Then Lou, Peek and Slim stepped out so he could see them,


“Sorry about all this Dan” apologised Peek as he looked up at him. Then Slim sneezed that broke the silence. “Ok now Dan, where was you at the time of 11:32 am yesterday?” questioned Slim.


“I was with Samantha, at my house!” said Daniel trying to prove he was innocent. Then Slim scratched his chin and thought to him self.


“Well Daniel does this look familiar?” asked Lou “this is what was carrying the poison that killed Butch!”  He said as he pulled out the bile.


“No of course not, well its obviously not you know im scared of snakes!” said Dan looking at the snake Pattern on it. “Ok well now I feel stupid I knew that, why didn’t I say something?” said Peek.


“Ok well if it wasn’t Dan then who was it!” asked Lou as he looks at his friends for advice. “Well obviously it wasn’t me!” demanded Daniel. Then Peek untied him from the chair.


“Well soz Dan, we know that you’re an x criminal and all” said Slim as Lou put the bile back into his pocket.


“Well who could it be then if its not you?” asked Lou. “Well haven’t you thought of your old foe? As well as him being my boss, when im working as a double agent!” Suggested Dan smiling at Lou fiendishly.


 “Who?” asked Lou. “Mr Tinkels” said Dan still smirking his evil smirk at him.



“Of course Tinkels I should have known” said Lou.


“Well he was actually trying to kill you, so he made one of his minions put poison in your tea, but Butch had your tea, and now the dog that poisoned Butch is currently with Mr Tinkles getting paid” explained Daniel.


“How do you know all of this?” asked Lou as they all looked at Daniel.


But all Daniel did was point at his eye where his hidden spy contacts were.


Then Slim looked at his friends confused at what they were all looking at.

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