1 dog years latter after dr crestino has aparently gone good and evry things going to plan but wait, oh no someone's been killed now Louie
and the gyes have to fihnd out who did it asap,
befor it happens again.


8. “Good night Slim!”

Meanwhile in Shanghai, Daniel was sitting at his desk on the phone with two flame hyenas behind him. “Well my plan should go to plan now that Louie has decided to let Slim come and spy on me instead of Peek!” said Dan whilst he fiddled around with a knife.


“Yes he will be taken care of!” said Daniel then he turned his phone off and threw the knife across the room and onto a poster of Peek perfectly aiming for the centre of his head.


“Now Slim is rite now climbing up the right paw side of the building, now pretend that you don’t know he is there so I can lure him into my trap” ordered Dan to his hyena minions. “Yes boss” said the hyenas.


Then Dr Crestino walked off and out of the room, closely followed by his minions. Just as the door dropped shut Slim leaped in. “haa!” he shouted as he did some ninja moves.


“Were is every one? Dan is normally up here” said Slim as he began to look around.


Then he spotted Dan’s cool chair, he ran strait to it and sat down. “Ha ha ha I am Daniel you will do this and you do that!” said Slim pretending to be Dan.


Then he spun around and around and around on the chair laughing his head off.


But just then a jam donut on the floor by a door. “Ooooo yum!” he said as he ran to it and scoffed it down. But then without him noticing the door swung open and huge net flew strait into Slim.



He tried to get untangled but it was no use. “Oh no get it off me get it off!” he yelled. But then Dr Crestino walked in and gave a smirk as the hyenas began dragging Slim away and into a dark room.


“Help” yelled Slim still trying to brake free.


Then the doc pulled out a needle containing a green substance. He approached Slim and stabbed it into his arm.



“Good night Slim!” smiled the Doc as he blew on the top of the needle like a used gun.  Then slowly Slim eyes started to close, and then his head flopped back.



“Ha haa haaaar!” laugh the hyenas as they watched him fall asleep.

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