Wings - My Story

That's my story. Maybe it can help others. Maybe they'll get over everything what others say. Maybe they'll understand the real meaning of 'Wings' by Little Mix. I did. And I hope you do too.



Actually the next year, the bullies grades began to fall. She tried to become friends with me again. To use me again. Suddenly everyone was allowed to talk to me again. At that point I started to care again, what others thought. I didn't accept the bullies offer, tho. And she talked bad about me again. How she never let me fall. How I just did. How I didn't help my 'best friend' in a crisis. Nonsense. I cried again because of the comments and hatred I got. I was online all the time. I talked to a girl from the US, far away from Germany. She liked me the way I was. This may sound weird but one time, she showed me her favorite song. Irresistible by One Direction. I liked it too. I looked up more songs. I became a Directioner. And that is probably what helped me. I had plenty of Directioner-friends. They liked me for who I am.  And I liked them.  Even though nearly all of the were online friends, I gained confidence. I got over the fact that I can't fit in everywhere. I didn't care about others anymore. I grew wings. I could fly far away from all the hatred. I didn't waste my life on others opinions. If someone said something mean to me, I ignored it, or I told them to shut up. I din't listen to them anymore. They either liked me for who i am, or the didn't. 

And that's who I am today. I care about the people that I love. I care about me. Words don't mean anything to me anymore. I now help others through bullying. I donate for charity. But the best par of all is: I'm 'ME'. The only 'ME' there is. The only 'ME' there will be. I'm not that 'ME' who is like everybody else. No, I'm just 'ME' and I liked it that way. 

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