The Poetess.

Janie, once the most famous poetess of the country is now struggling with her poetry and decides to travel alone for a week and finds out that she can be a good photographer, dancer, hiker and singer.


1. Day one (it's my birthday)

Hello, I am Janie.I was once the most famous poetess of the country.Now,i just can't find words.Tommorrow,is my 30 th birthday  and i don't  want to answer these questions-What i am doing?When my new book will get published?Hence, i have packed my bags and will be travelling alone for a month.

Day one-It's my birthday.It's 12.00 am and my sister gifts me a canon camera and i hugged her and grabbed my bag and my sister drove me to the bus stop .At 1 am ,i took a bus to the city of Demro,a hill station where i never have been.I heard it has been snowing there .I slept for 5-6 hours in the bus and when i wake up at around 6.00 am ,everyone was getting off the bus.Apparently,heavy snow has blocked the highway and we were supposed to walk a mile by foot towards our hotel.I was struggling to walk on snow with my bags .i saw a young kid running on snow with no fear.He even offered to help me but i just smiled at him.It was so cold and after 30 minutes of walking ,i finally reached my hotel.

I took a warm bath,ate my breakfast and then i saw a kid making a huge snowman from my hotel window.I went down with my camera,i clicked the photos of 

the kid,the snowman and also of a monkey who was eating snow.

I came back to my hotel and i slept till evening and in the night i wrote a poem on a kid and a snowman.In the night,i went to a snow museum and when i came back to my room ,it was 11 pm,i just went to sleep.


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