My Bradford Bad Boy (UNCOMPLETED)

Tina and her best friend Emma are both obsessed with One Direction, and when Emma and her family go to a trip to Bradford from their home town London England, Tina tags along, and to their surprise they meet One Direction. And things start to get pretty serious, and fast.


5. The Text Messages

Emma and I went back into some kind of room, and there were only some girls there. We were all sitting down and talking to each other, then Emma whispered something in my ear.

"I can't believe this! How lucky are we?"

"I know!" I whispered back.

Then Zayn ran in really fast and put his cell phone on a table.

"Hey girls, we'll be here when we're done, and please don't touch my phone," Zayn said.

Zayn shouldn't trust a bunch of fan girls with his phone. Such a stupid move. Before Zayn left he saw me, and smiled slightly and ran back out.

"Damn, he's into you," Emma told me.

"I agree," some other random girl said.

"Well I hope so," I smiled.

"I thought we agreed he was mine," Emma said.

"Well Harry can be yours now," I winked.

"Let's take his phone," one girl said.

"Yeah!" another girl agreed.

"This isn't right," I said shaking his head.

"Yeah shut up pretty face, he probably texted his friends about you," a girl said.

Was that a compliment? I hope so.

"Take it," some girl said.

"I will not take it. You guys can," I said.

Some emo looking girl stood up ran to the table, snatched the phone and sat in the middle of the floor.

"Go on his messages!" one girl exclaimed.

The girl did as was told, and clicked on the messages with Harry Styles.

"Girls come here, read these messages," she ordered.

We all went around the girl and started reading the phone.



Harry: did u c thoze girls?

Zayn: yes!

Harry: wow...

Zayn: i know... the one with dark hair was gorgeous.

Harry: yeah she was pretty but the one with the dirty blonde and red tips was gorgeous

Zayn: i gave them backstage passes. i wanted 2 c her again.

Harry: good, i better make my move..


My heart started beating faster and faster.


Harry: well we shud stop txin b4 we get into trouble

Zayn: yeah ill put my phone back.


End of messages. Zayn and Harry were talking about us. Emma and I exchanged looks, and all the girls stared at us. 

"You lucky bitches," one of the girls said.

"We really are lucky," Emma said looking down.

"Wait until they come back here, they're gonna be all over you," another girl said.

"Put the phone back, they can come by any second," I ordered.

The girl stood up and put the phone back, and we were all sitting in the middle of the ground.

"Twenty bucks Harry is gonna make out with Emma today," one girl said.

"I agree, Harry is quite the flirt," another girl said.

I couldn't stop thinking about the messages. Maybe it wasn't us? They never brought up names.



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