My Bradford Bad Boy (UNCOMPLETED)

Tina and her best friend Emma are both obsessed with One Direction, and when Emma and her family go to a trip to Bradford from their home town London England, Tina tags along, and to their surprise they meet One Direction. And things start to get pretty serious, and fast.


4. Meeting the Boys

We parked into a parking spot, and Emma started shaking.

"Tina, we're here," she said, shaking like a leaf.

"Aw Emma, I know," I smiled as I hopped out of the car, with her getting out the same side as me.

We started walking towards the mall and Josh popped up next to me.

"Hey babe," he said, putting his arm around me.

"Do you want to still have that arm?" I growled.

"Yes?" he said confused.

"Take it off me right now," I demanded.

He looked scared and took his arm off. Emma and I started walking faster towards the mall, and we finally entered. There was so many screaming girls near the center, and we saw a table down below and saw five boys smiling and talking to fans while signing items. 

"I SEE THEM!" Emma yelled.

"I KNOW I DO TOO!" I yelled back.

"Come on!" she said, grabbing my hand running to the elevator.

She pressed the button almost a million times, and her cheeks were turning pink.

The elevator door finally opened and she sprinted in with me behind her. She kept pressing the 1 button a million times like she did to the other one.

"COME ON!" she screamed.

"Emma we'll get there soon enough," I said trying to calm her down.

The elevator door closed and we were the only one in it, and it started going down.

"AHH!" Emma screamed.

We made it to the floor and ran into line. There wasn't that many girls, but there was still a lot for early in the morning. Emma got two pieces of paper out of her bag and handed me one and had one for herself.


Time passed and we were near the front of the line. Emma squeezed my hand tightly as she was staring at Zayn. Lots more girls showed up, but it was still early. I wonder how it will be later today. We were the next two girls to get up there, and my stomach got butterflies. I was staring at Zayn too, and he looked good. Real damn good. It was Emma and my turn and first we met Liam, who was a sweetheart.

"Ello girls! How are you?" he asked looking up at us.

"Hey," I smiled.

"Nice to meet you," Emma said.

Liam signed both of our papers and we moved on too Louis.

"Ayyyee," Louis said happily.

"Hi," I giggled.

"Hi," Emma repeated.

"How are ya?" Louis asked us looking down signing our papers.

"Good thanks," I replied.

"Good," Emma said.

Louis gave us our paper and we headed to Niall.

"Hi girls!" Niall smiled brightly.

"Hi! How are you?" I asked.

"Good! Thank you!" Niall smiled signing our papers. "and how are you girls?"

"Good thanks," Emma answered.

Then we moved on to Harry, Harry looked up and started smiling but then he caught Emma's eye and his smile faded and his mouth was half open.

He didn't say a word, and Emma was staring into his eyes. Damn Harry must of thought Emma was gorgeous.

"Hi," I said breaking the silence.

"Hey," Harry said quickly looking at me, then looking back at Emma.

"I'm Emma," Emma introduced herself.

"Beautiful name," Harry complimented.

Emma started turning red.

Harry signed our papers, then as we were moving on to Mr. Malik I saw Niall whisper something into Harry's ear, and Harry raised his eyebrows and breathed heavily. Then we were standing in front of Zayn and I saw Emma's hands shaking.

"Ello," Zayn said, not even looking up, just signing our papers.

"Hello!" Emma exclaimed excitedly.

Zayn looked up to hand us our papers and we caught eyes immediately. 

"Woah," Zayn said, with his eyes growing wide.

"I'm Tina," I said.

"And I'm Emma!" Emma said trying to fit in.

"Hi Emma," Zayn said, still staring at me.

"Do you have backstage passes?" Zayn asked me kind of quietly. Emma sighed and looked down, but Harry kept staring at her. 

"No," I responded.

Zayn bent down and grabbed something and handed me two of them.

"Here," Zayn said.

"Thanks," I thanked him.

Harry smiled widely. He seemed excited to see Emma later, and we walked off. Oh my God, did that just happen? 

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