it all started when...

Chloe was the most popular girl in school. she was invited to all the parties. she had the jock boyfriend she even had the best lifestyle but what happens when she gets sick of being some stupid streotype?


3. chapter two

"hey sindy i dont know where turner is but your friend is very lovely. chloe right?" i turned a bright pink and looked down it was most probably the sweatest thing a guy has said to me. and his accent was a husky brittish i couldve melted through the floor.

"stop flirting with chloe man we all know she is mine oh and sindy turner is by the fountaun" this was adam my annoying best friend he was awarded with everyone laughing and patting his back and i decided to play along

"ya the only reason i decided to come with sindy on her boyfriend hunt is tohave a makeout sesh with you." and with that he lunged at me rapped his arms around my waist and spun me i started giglging and he dipped me and said "i would but we have an audience." he put me down and we both bowed and started laughing

harry turned to us and asked if we were acctually together we laughed and said no "well i acctually have to go and meet clarisse then go to class so ill see you guys later and adam stop drooling at new girl its protocal"

"hey wait so i was thinking maybe you would wanna come to football practice or something then we could hang after?" i smiled at harry i cant believe he asked me out so early b ut i bet he ment it as just two friends.

"umm ya i kind of have to go cuz im head cheerleader but sher ill see u later." i blew them all a kiss and left for the fountain

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