it all started when...

Chloe was the most popular girl in school. she was invited to all the parties. she had the jock boyfriend she even had the best lifestyle but what happens when she gets sick of being some stupid streotype?


2. chapter one




  "hey chloe! would you wanna come to my party its on friday and i mean only if your not to busy i could totally change the date to saturday if you wanted..."

   "Get away from her you spaz does it look like the most popular girl in school would wanna come to a seventh grade party to you?!"

yes this was my life i was technically famous in my town. for my mom was a band manager, my dad sold houses i was the most popular girl in school and i was single but i had a feeling that was gonna change. Anyway, hi my name is Chloe i have black hair with purple highlights and blue eyes it was the first day of school and i was already being invited to parties. my best friends name was casandra but that wasnt the girl i was talkin to i was talking to my other best friend sindy she could be nice but was just misunderstood and everyone thought she was a complete whore she wasnt... at most times

"Can you believe weve gotten invited to this many parties?! i mean which one should we go to on friday the 9th graders one or the jocks? Chloe are you even listening and i think your drooling"

"hottie 12 o clock sindy" there was the hottest guy ever and i think he was new cuz ive never seen him before he had curly brown hair green eyes and had a cheeky glint in his eyes

"girl i know him!! he was talking to turner this morning lets go say hi!!"

"wait what?! just because he was talking to your boyfriend..."

"hey im sindy! and this is my friend chloe have you guys seen turner??"

well this is how my life ends

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