Things Change

Kaelie isn't a normal teenage girl. Her abusive ex, Bronson, left his "mark" on Kaelie so she will always remember him. She's a bulemic, and shes insecure. Her family isn't really around for these things too (told in story) so she struggles. Kaelie believes that shes a no-good fuck-up who doesn't belong. Until, that is, she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis treats her as if the world doesn't matter, only she matters. Then, Louis introduces her to his friends. In a few turns, theres some issues.. Will Kaelie be able to handle it all? Is Bronson going to return? Will the boys fall for her? Or someone else?


13. Truth or Dare Suprises


Kaelies POV


It was 8PM and we just finished watching Monsters INC. , so we decided to play a game. "Truth or dare?" Niall asked, as he smiled. I giggled and nodded. "Me first! Me first!" Louis whined. We all sighed and he went on. "Kaelie truth or dare?" He asked me. I looked around, and everyone saw I was alarmed. "U-Uhh-I pick.. uh.. truth" I stuttered showing my nervousness. I bit my lip and waited for his reply. "Why can't you forgive me?" He muttered. I looked at him, anger and frustration combined in a large furry in my eyes. "Why?! Because I trusted you. I loved you, you cheated. I told you my secret, but big fucking whoop, you told that too! You're a fucking jackass." I spat. He looked at me, well they all did. Liams mouth was hanging open, and Harry, Louis, and Niall were wide-eyed. Zayn sat there, looking taken aback. "My turn.. ah.. Harry truth or dare" I said. "Dare!!" He squealed. "I dare you to.. predict the weather right now!" I laughed, knowing my dare was so stupid. "Its dark and rainy, and theres lightning here and there?" He guessed. I laughed and looked around the circle. "Liam, truth or dare?" Harry asked Liam. "Truth." Liam simply stated. "Party pooper" Niall mumbled, and we laughed. "Do you sleep with stuffed animals?" "I- uh- who am I kidding. Yes. A stuffed puppy named Charlie." Liam smiled while talking. He has an adorable smile! Its so contagious, that I smiled. No feelings guys, seriously I have Zaynie! "Kaelie truth or dare?" Liam asked. "Dare" I challenged. "I dare you" he paused to think "to go outside for 5 minutes, alone" he dared. Everyone looked at me. I was hesitant.. After these previous events y'know! I slid open the glass door and sat in a chair outside. 


Zayns POV


2 minutes passed and we just talked while she was outside, until we heard screeches. We ran outside to see what was going on and we saw Kaelie trying to fight off a man. As we got closer we all noticed it was.. Bronson!?? I ran to the rescue and tried to tackle him, but he was too quick and grabbed Kaelie by her waist, put her over his shoulders and ran like hell. Shit!

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