Things Change

Kaelie isn't a normal teenage girl. Her abusive ex, Bronson, left his "mark" on Kaelie so she will always remember him. She's a bulemic, and shes insecure. Her family isn't really around for these things too (told in story) so she struggles. Kaelie believes that shes a no-good fuck-up who doesn't belong. Until, that is, she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis treats her as if the world doesn't matter, only she matters. Then, Louis introduces her to his friends. In a few turns, theres some issues.. Will Kaelie be able to handle it all? Is Bronson going to return? Will the boys fall for her? Or someone else?


15. Return

Louis POV

As the boys and I search for Kaelie, I hear screams flurrying through the forest. "Is that Kaelie? Do you think?" Harry asked, his eyes dull from worry. I nodded, my heart beating so loud I swear the boys heard it. We ran over to where the screams originated from to see Kaelie running directly at us, Bronson hot on her tail. She started running toward us, and we all prepared ourselves for the next events.

Kaelies POV

I sped from where I was held captive, but heard my name being called. I ran toward it, and eventually saw Louis and the Boys. I ran over and I was going fto tell them Bronson was behind me but they saw him. "Fuck!" Niall angrily whines at Bronson's presence. "Surprise fags!" Bronson's sneers. My blood boils and I walk over to him and kick him in the stomach and balls. "Don't you EVER insult my best friends again you worthless douchebag!" I scream at him. Before I even realized it I was beating Bronson to a pulp, my adrenaline firing through my veins. "Oh god, Kaelie- stop!" Liam yelps, pulling me back. "No, he deserves this!" I cry out, my high slowly fading. "Let's go." Louis announces, picking me up bridal style and bringing me to the house. I groan from being tired and nuzzle my head into his chest. I felt his heart beat excellerate, and I giggled. "What's so funny, love?" Louis questions, dragging the boys' attention toward us. I panicked, because if I embarassed Louis he would be mad at me, so I made something up. "Ow is a great word..??" I speak, and the boys all laugh at me. "Let's get you some rest, babe." He whispers in my ear, making my heart beat fast. I nod and fall asleep on his shoulder.

(A/N: Sorry it's short! I'm going to continue updating this movella now, though! My new novella Over The Years is out, please read and give feedback on that too(: Last thing, I have a recommendation for you to read: Harry's Girl by ericamarie98 it's amazing!!)

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