Things Change

Kaelie isn't a normal teenage girl. Her abusive ex, Bronson, left his "mark" on Kaelie so she will always remember him. She's a bulemic, and shes insecure. Her family isn't really around for these things too (told in story) so she struggles. Kaelie believes that shes a no-good fuck-up who doesn't belong. Until, that is, she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis treats her as if the world doesn't matter, only she matters. Then, Louis introduces her to his friends. In a few turns, theres some issues.. Will Kaelie be able to handle it all? Is Bronson going to return? Will the boys fall for her? Or someone else?


7. Its About That Time


Kaelies POV


I was cuddled up to Louis at the moment. We had a thing for eachother- don't get me wrong- but he had a girlfriend. "Kaelie?" he slowly mumbled. "Yes?" I whispered back because I didn't want to wake up the others. "I really like you- I do. My feelings for Eleanor left me when I met you yesterday."  I nodded, and spoke "I like you a lot Lou.. Ever since I met you I have.. But you and Eleanor are dating a-" I was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine. It had more sparks and fireworks than the first time! I parted my lips from his, and scooted away a bit. "Kaelie, I broke up with El. I want you. Only you. You make me feel like heaven is on Earth. You give me butterflies and I honestly couldn't have more of a pleasure in life than for you to be my girlfriend" He recited his love and feelings for me. I nodded and kissed his forehead. "I love you" I whispered, and I drifted off to sleep in the comfort of his warmth.


Louis POV


I love her with everything in me. My heart, my soul, my mind. She is perfect. But- well.. she has one flaw. Shes so, so insecure. But, oh how I will change that. I mentally winked at myself.. thats weird ok. I heard her soft breathing. I looked at her and kissed her. She didn't even budge, so that means she was a deep sleeper. Well, it was a passionate kiss so she mustve not felt it.. Oh well. Wait! If shes a deep sleeper, she won't notice if I look at her stomach. That sounds creepy, but she was so insecure about her stomach.. I just need a peak! I slowly lifted up her jumper and I gasped silently. Her ribs showed boldly and she had bruises that looked as if they were there for a while. Oh Kaelie-- Why didn't you tell me?!

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