Things Change

Kaelie isn't a normal teenage girl. Her abusive ex, Bronson, left his "mark" on Kaelie so she will always remember him. She's a bulemic, and shes insecure. Her family isn't really around for these things too (told in story) so she struggles. Kaelie believes that shes a no-good fuck-up who doesn't belong. Until, that is, she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis treats her as if the world doesn't matter, only she matters. Then, Louis introduces her to his friends. In a few turns, theres some issues.. Will Kaelie be able to handle it all? Is Bronson going to return? Will the boys fall for her? Or someone else?


2. Getting to know you



Louis POV


Shes gorgeous. Her gorgeous, brown hair, ombré with blonde. Her brown eyes that sparkled when we looked into eachothers eyes. "I'm sorry- my subway is here.. Uh- here. My name's Kaelie, heres my number" she said and she handed me a card with her phone number and email on it. I happily accepted it. I was just about to tell her my name, but she was gone. Well.. that was weird. Why was she in a rush? Oh well, she can maybe tell me later! I got out my phone, and sent her a text saying, 'Hey there Kaelie, it's Louis from the subway xx.' She replied 3 minutes later 'Hey Lou. I'm sorry I left so fast. I really needed to get home. My dad needed me' Oh, well that answers that! I wonder- where's her mom..? Probably at work. Why am I asking so much about Kaelie!? I just met her, and we havent known eachother for even an hour. I just... really adore her. Shes fit, nice, and especially gorgeous. She had taste in fashion aswell- she was wearing a swear. It went off her shoulder, fulling covering her left shoulder. It looked cute on her. Its mint color bringing out her tan skin.


Kaelies POV


I wanted to stay. It was hard to go. But risking Bronson finding me was too dangerous. I got off the subway, and ran home, my hightops slamming against the concrete making a melody with the loud, London wind. I got home, and quickly got inside. "Is anyone here besides Dad?" I asked my dog, an Italian Grey Hound named Bubbles. He barked back, in reassurance that only my father was home. My dad was handicaped, after his accident. In 2006, my father got into a car accident. Which, cripplied his legs. But, it's worse than that. When I was born, February 17th , my mom died. When she was giving birth to me, the pressure caused her to have a heart attack and she died, 10 minutes after my birth. I never really got to meet her, which makes me sad alot. Mother's day, and my birthday just have a taint for me now. Anyway, getting back to my point, I'm also scared to leave my father alone. I'm afraid that a robber will come and hurt my dad, since he doesnt have as much of an advantage to fight back. This is why I dont really leave the house, without the alarm on, anyway. My phone buzzed. A text from Louis! 'Can we hang tonight?' I reply with 'Sure! Come over at 7 for a movie night?' 'Sure' This will be a fun night!

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