Things Change

Kaelie isn't a normal teenage girl. Her abusive ex, Bronson, left his "mark" on Kaelie so she will always remember him. She's a bulemic, and shes insecure. Her family isn't really around for these things too (told in story) so she struggles. Kaelie believes that shes a no-good fuck-up who doesn't belong. Until, that is, she meets Louis Tomlinson. Louis treats her as if the world doesn't matter, only she matters. Then, Louis introduces her to his friends. In a few turns, theres some issues.. Will Kaelie be able to handle it all? Is Bronson going to return? Will the boys fall for her? Or someone else?


11. Driving Back

(a/n Niall and Harry are sitting next to eachother sorry for that typo, I think you figured that out?)


Louis POV


God damn! I wrecked her. I wrecked the love of my life. I put my hand on her knee, to comfort her. She slapped it away, which stug. I looked back at her and she flipped me off. I slowly turned away my head and silently cried, but I knew she saw me crying. I heard her whisper to Zayn. I only could make out the words "I'm stupid and useless" and my blood rose. I turned my head back to face her, "Youre not stupid, or worthless. Do you realize- I was drunk? I went to a club, so I drank, of course." I spoke to her. "You should have at least known that we were together. I thought someone actually meant something to me, and didn't turn out dead, or something else! But I'm wrong. I guess my heart always leads me wrong" she choked out. "I'm sorry" I whispered, tears running down my face. Harry and Niall exchanged glances and both looked in the rear view mirror to see Liam, but he looks very worried. "Where's she gonna stay now?" Harry mumbled to Niall. "I'm staying in Zayn's room" Kaelie whispered to us, trying to make it so I wouldn't hear, but I did. Niall and Harry nodded, and Zayn smiled. I gave him the death glare in the mirror, and he surely noticed. 


Kaelies POV


"I'm staying in Zayn's room" I whispered to Harry and Niall. I didn't want Louis overhearing because he would be angry with Zayn. I sat forward and saw Louis giving Zayn death glares. I cleared my throat so he would stop. I sighed, and stuck my head between my knees. Zayn patted my back and rubbed his hands in circles. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back, showing warmth and compassion in his eyes. He looked so innocent right now, yet so sad, well, because of me. I sighed, "Zayn. Why me. Why" I whispered. He looked at me, sorrow clouded his eyes. "Kaelie, this is the beginning. It'll all be ok in te end. If its not ok, then its not the end" he told me, but quietly. I kissed him on the cheek, and hugged him. I mouthed to him 'thanks for being here for me' and he nodded, as in saying youre welcome. We got back to the flat and I rushed inside, past everyone. I ran to the bathroom and got on the floor, and locked the door. I played music on the TV outside to drown out my barfing. I stuck two fingers in my mouth, and let the chunky fluids roll out. I was in my own world, so I didn't notice the music stop. Or the door banging. I heard the boys yelling for me. "Kaelie! Get out of there! Come out here!" I heard Harrys slow voice say. Oh- oh god. They all know now.

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