Please Stop

Alina is 13. She was adopted by One Direction 2 months ago. She cuts. A lot. The boys try to get her to stop. Will it work?


1. Hide it

I woke up and checked the clock. 9:48. 

No wonder i was so tired. I cut last night.

I broke it. I was almost 10 days clean.

When I cut its not just like I make a few cuts and I stop. I cut all the way up my arm, my stomach everywhere, the thighs, I just cant stop once I start. 

I walked down stairs and see Niall in the kitchen, suprise suprise, and the other boys on the couch.

"Hey Ali." Niall said. 

"Hi." I said quietly. 

I dont really talk alot. Mostly with Liam or Louis. Not as much with the others. Liam chose me from the adoption center and Louis treats my like im a princess. Harry conforts me and checks in on me at night. Niall sleeps in my room sometimes but on the floor. He mostly keeps my from cutting. Zayn sends me quotes about stuff and it usually helps. 

"Ali whats wrong?" Liam asked.

"Nothing, just a little tired." I answered. "I didnt sleep good last night."

"Should I stay with you tonight?" Niall asked.   

"No. Im fine. It was just hot." I stuttered.

I pulled down my sleves and went to get breakfast. 

"Whats for breakfast?" I asked Liam.

"Eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and bacon." He answered.

"Alina are you still clean?" Louis asked from across the room.

I looked down and looked at my hands. I didnt want to lie, but I needed to make them proud.

"Yea." I looked up.

" Good jod baby." Harry said.

I grabbed food and went upstairs. I cleaned up me bedroom and ate my food while I watched Weird, True, and Freaky.


"Lina are you ready to go?" I heard Zayn call from downstairs.

"Yeah. Just need to finish packing my nail polish and makeup." I answered. We were leaving for Boca Rouge, Florida. Thats where they start their tour. 

"Alina are you ready? The taxis here." Zayn said comming into my room. 

"Ya. Can you take these bags and Ill be right down." I handed him my bags with my clothes and electronic thingamagigs. 

I put my makeup and my nailpolishes in a travel case. It was a big bag considering I had a bunch of makeup and 247 nail polishes. I put my blades in my bag and put my makeup brushes on top to hide them. I grabbed my iPhone 4 and headfones and went downstairs. Niall and Louis were already in the taxi. Zayn and Liam were putting the bags in the txi and Harry was helping me with me bags. My sleeve went up a little and Harry saw. I quickly pulled it back down and he looked at me. He knew something was up. 

'Im sorry' i mouthed. 

He pulled me in for a hug. "Why did you do it?" He wispered. 

"Look at my twitter. Please dont tell the others. Theyll flip out." i wispered back, tears going down my cheek.

He nodded and wipedd my tear.

We walken back annd got into the taxi. I sat next to Harry and Liam. I put in my headfones and listened to Unbroken by Black Veil Brides.

I slowly fell asleep on Harrys shoulder. 

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