Trust Issues

What's a relationship without trust ?
*Trust Issues*


1. Hi I'm Justin

I walked out of the room , grabbing my phone and reaching for my keys on the hook next to the door.  I haven't been out for acouple days considering the fact that I have the flu. Yay me , sarcasm dripped from every word. I was going out for air since i was so close to being done with being sick , I couldn't take it. I walked out to my ford pickup and literally jumped in the drivers side. Putting my hands on the steering wheel I forcefully pull out of the bumpy drive way. I didn't know where i was going , I liked that. After I had been driving so long ,I came to an unfamiliar part Of town .I was running low on gas so I decided to stop at the nearest gas station I could find. Unfortunately , I'm not very lucky. And my car stops on the middle of scenic nowhere. Great. I've been waiting on the side of the road for atleast 45 minutes . No reception for me to call anyone. Gotta love Canada . After another 15 minutes of waiting , an unfamiliar car pulls up. I put my hands back on the wheel to look more confident . To my Suprise , a boy comes out...not just any boy . A boy..who was wearing a black shirt , Grey skinny jeans that hung from his butt , 3 gold chains , and Black converse..gosh he was a babe . I keep the doors shut and locked , just incase. He comes to the door , and taps on my window , signally for me to roll it down . So I do so. "Need help?" He says . "um..i..well" was all i managed to get out. "a shy one" he laughs . i turn my face , trying to hide my ,now blushing , rosy red cheeks. "aye , im justin" he says while flashing me a ear to ear smile . This kid . 

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