Change My Mind

Jamie is the popular girl in school, until there's a new boy in town and he bumps her to the bottom of the chain. They end up in a performance together. Though she knows he's a player(so says everyone in the school) , she is starting to have feeling for the highschool jock. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "Show me why I should change my mind," I look up into his
beautiful green eyes. Then he continues, "or are you too shy...." -Slightly similar to Dark (Harry).


2. The Kissing Scene


As I'm walking down the hallway I run into Lola again. "What was that all about?" she asked.

"What're you talking about" I ask confused. Then I remember. "Oh, yeah, that."

"So, you still haven't answered my question!!" she said.

"Well the new kid, Harry just wanted to talk for a minute, ok?" I said as I approached my next class, Performing Arts, and she went to hers. It would be really awkward between us if I told her exactly what he said. I walked in and I saw Harry sitting at a table with four other guys that looked about my age. He waved at me to come over and I did.

"Mates, this is Jamie. I met her earlier today." Harry said.

"Erm, hi" I said shyly. Variations of 'hello' were said. And I sat down next to Harry and then class begun.

"Ok, class, attention please," we continued talking, "ATTENTION PLEASE!" she yelled and we all turned around. She cleared her throat and continued talking. "Ok, this weeks project is on plays. I want you to choose a partner and choose a play out of the list on the projector," I felt eyes on me so looked over my shoulder and Harry was looking at me. I turned back around so he wouldn't see me and looked at the teacher instead. "Now, you can go pick your partner and your play." She said and walked off. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped a bit.

"Sorry to startle you, babe," Harry said "but do you want to be partners, maybe?" he said while rubbing the back of his neck as if he was nervous. No, no way, he would never be nervous.

"Ok." I said and smiled. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! I DONT WANT TO GET TOO CLOSE AND THEN HAVE TO GO HIS HOUSE. Oh well, I'll be fine. It's just one week. I'll be fine...I think. I was cut out of my doubting thoughts by Harry.

"Hey, we should do Romeo and Juliet, don't you think?" he said. I shrugged.

"Sure, I guess." I said. WOAH, J! AHHHHHH! THERE IS A KISSING SCENE IN ROMEO AND JULIET!! WHY DID HARRY HAVE TO BE SO DOMINANT! I mean, he is sweet and all, but he's very scary after what happened earlier.

"Ok, pick me up at 6 and we can head to yours and practice" I said. Wow, I have no idea what is happening to me today. I write my address on a slip of paper and hand it to him.

"Ok, 6, got it." he said and then the bell rang for lunch. "Sit with me and my mates today." he said to me.

"Ok, but let me make sure that's ok with my friend." I said and headed to me and Lola's locker. This year we got to pick our lockers so I got one next to Lola. "Hey, Lo! Harry invited me to sit at his table, it's fine if I sit with them, right?" I asked and gave her a pouty face.

"Of course, J! How can I resist! We at least have to walk there together though." she said smiling.

"Oh, I love you!! Thanks!" I said and hugged her tight. We headed to lunch and we separated in two ways.

"Hey, Jamie" Harry said. I sat down. "Where's your lunch?" he asked.

"I don't eat lunch sometimes." I said

"You have to eat something! You'll starve! I can't have any girl of mine starving!" he says and hands me half of his sandwich. WAIT, girl of his? me? his? Ok. that explains it. He likes me. How stupid could I be? I take the sandwich and eat some and then take out my phone and start texting Lola.

Me: Harry called me 'his girl'! Omg, I didn't notice he liked me. xox

Lo: That's a huge step! do you like him? xx

Me: I guess so. xox

Lo: Hold his hand under the table, at least take it that far with him.

Me: Ok, i'm trusting you here! see ya later chic! xox

I slowly slid my hand under the table and grabbed his hand and looked up at him. To my surprise, he didn't budge. A smile crept upon his lips and he looked at me. I blushed. With one hand I took out my phone and texted Lola.

Me: Thank you! xox 

I got a response about 5 seconds later.

Lo: Told you it would work! And no problem, J! xx


Ello! Comment and like! Tell me how im doing and more chapters will come!

 with love, Ren xoxo


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