Change My Mind

Jamie is the popular girl in school, until there's a new boy in town and he bumps her to the bottom of the chain. They end up in a performance together. Though she knows he's a player(so says everyone in the school) , she is starting to have feeling for the highschool jock. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "Show me why I should change my mind," I look up into his
beautiful green eyes. Then he continues, "or are you too shy...." -Slightly similar to Dark (Harry).


3. Harry's Flat


Is Jamie seriously holding my hand? Am I dreaming? Nah. Seems too real....

I turn back to my friends and continue talking and the topic comes up about girlfriends. Oh shit. They are asking each other who they're going after.

"I'm going for Victoria!" one of them shouts.

"I'm going for Lilly" the other shouts.

"I'm going for Lola!" Louis says.

"Hey, she's mine!"

"No she's not" they argue. Geez, they can really be brats sometimes. Their acting like two year-olds! Eventually they work it out and everyone turns to me and I just stare, confused.

"Who are you going for, Haz?" Louis asks.

"Um......," I start to say and then look over at Jamie. Good, she has her earphones in, she won't hear.


I put my earphones in, and was about to turn on some music but the topic they were talking about was getting interesting....girlfriends eh? I'm not a fan of eavesdropping, but I do it every now and then. so I pretend to be texting and listening  to music while their talking.

"Im going for Victoria!"

"I'm going for Lilly!" Lilly? Seriously? If you haven't noticed she is my ENEMY.

"I'm going for Lola" I could see it. Louis and Lola. Lou-la-la! I chuckle to myself.

"No she's mine!" Oh, no. Here's some trouble.

"Who are you going for, Haz?" Louis asks Harry I'm assuming. Harry looked over at me and I fake lip-synch a song. He looks away and continue listening in on this.

"I think, I'm going after Jamie" Harry says quickly and everyone looks over at me.

"I think you've got a good chance mate" The blonde Irish one says, I think his name is Niall. But otherwise, Oh. He does like me. I hope he's not to shy to ask. What am I saying?! I've only met him for a couple of hours! This is all happening so fast!

*later that day*

I go in my room and search for something cute to wear. Nothing. In my clean laundry? Nope. AHA! I look under my bed to see a chest (box) I've been looking for. A smirk plastered on my face and I drag it from under my bed and unlocked the lid. I pull out a silk dress that is purple with flowers and flows down to just below my knee. I take the heels out of the bottom of the chest, along with the necklace and earrings that go with it. I head to the bathroom, put everything on, and start on my makeup. A bit later, the doorbell rings. I looked at the time on my phone.......5:30.......? Who could be here? I had just a few seconds to place on the mascara and then I ran down to open the door. Harry.

"Hey babe" he said with a warm smile. There he goes again with his charm.

"Hey, I'm wondering why you're here so early? Not that I don't like it but I was just wondering" I mentally face palmed. I think I talk to much, no?

"Wanted to see if you would grab some food with me, if your hungry?"

"Yeah sounds good, let me go grab my phone" I say and quickly grab my phone out of the bathroom. When I come back down he's leaning against the door with his arms crossed across his chest and he gives me a smile I warmly gave him one back and we head out the door. We stopped at a kind of fancy restaurant and quickly ate, gave the waitress a tip and went to Harry's flat.

"Wow, this is huge! Who else lives here?" I asked amazed.

"I live alone..." he said

"Oh, well this is really big just for one person!" I ran my hands along the leather couch and stared at the extremely large flat screen TV.

"Well...we better get to work! Let's go to my room." I followed him to his room. His room is a decent size and looks like a typical teenage boys room. I sat on his bed and we looked at each other awkwardly for about 5 minutes. I'm so sure. I broke this awkward silence.

"So where should we start?" I said and tapped my fingers on my lap.

"How about we do a little research and then start rehearsing?"

"Sounds good to me!" I said and pulled up a chair next to Harry at his computer. After a good 30 minutes of research, we started to rehearse. We got through the routine quickly, but there was one part we couldn't figure out how to do right....the kiss. Harry balled his fists in frustration and then let go and we continued trying that part....over.....and over.....and over again. We had to do little pecks even though we both wanted more. We kept bumping noses or foreheads until the try that we both said was our last.

"You know I really like you Jamie...." Harry said nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I like you to Harry"

"I mean really, REALLY like you. As in more than a friend." He looked serious. I stopped everything and just thought about everything. The classroom incident, the lunch incident and now. I'm going to make the move myself.


She stopped everything and just stared and then she moved closer until she was just millimeters away from my face.

"I'm not shy." she simply said and then our lips touched. I kissed her more passionately and our tongues fought for dominance. I felt the sparks between us. She's the one. She's has to be...



Sorry this chapter took so long to write. I've got just got one more day of school and i'll be able to update at least every other day. I PROMISE! Well have a great day/night, cause mine is shitty.

with love, Ren xoxo

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