Change My Mind

Jamie is the popular girl in school, until there's a new boy in town and he bumps her to the bottom of the chain. They end up in a performance together. Though she knows he's a player(so says everyone in the school) , she is starting to have feeling for the highschool jock. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "Show me why I should change my mind," I look up into his
beautiful green eyes. Then he continues, "or are you too shy...." -Slightly similar to Dark (Harry).


9. Hang in there!!

So since this movella is on hold until I get an idea, I was thinking i'll work on a temporary story to keep you entertained until then! It'll be called 'Twisted Love' (Gosh! What's up with me and love stories these days!!)

i'm sorry for being such a jerk! I'll post it Saturday!!

Stay beautiful and hang in there!

with love, Ren xoxo

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