My Love, Demetrius; Our Love Story

My father was cruel for forcing Romeo into my life. All he cared about was the money that their family had to offer. But you, my love, were much more precious to me than useless currency. And to think... If my mother were alive, she'd be thrilled to know that I'd be committing to a man with a name like his. Romeo and Juliet. That's who we'd be. Why would I marry someone whom I didn't even have love for? You, dearest Demetrius, made my life joyous each and every day. This is the story of our love.


4. Without You

You avoided me for several weeks after that night. I saw you serving at every gathering I attended, but you didn't do more than glance at me. I cried myself to sleep almost every night. The crazy thing is, I hadn't realized how much I cared for you. At first I thought you were just a rebellious young lad. I knew that I was falling in love with you, now that you were gone, and there was no stopping it. There was a spark between us, that was absolutely indescribable. And I loved it. 

I thought about Romeo many times; If he would be a good husband to me. If I could ever feel for him the way I did for you. My mother would probably love his manners and his stiff smile. And she would be thrilled to know that I was marrying someone with his name. I was named after Juliet, from William Shakespeare's famous piece of writing. She loved that old story. Romeo and Juliet, how ironic. 

I craved your presence, even though you probably didn't want to see me. I wondered if you thought about me often, as much as I did of you. I also wondered if you'd ever come back to me, without caring about what my father thought of you. I hated being without you, but really, there was nothing I could do.

I guess the only thing to do was give up. On you. On us.


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