My Love, Demetrius; Our Love Story

My father was cruel for forcing Romeo into my life. All he cared about was the money that their family had to offer. But you, my love, were much more precious to me than useless currency. And to think... If my mother were alive, she'd be thrilled to know that I'd be committing to a man with a name like his. Romeo and Juliet. That's who we'd be. Why would I marry someone whom I didn't even have love for? You, dearest Demetrius, made my life joyous each and every day. This is the story of our love.


6. Telling Him

I folded the letter neatly and held in my sobs. The paper slightly crumpled as I gripped it tightly in my hand. I took deep breaths and thanked the heavens that I found this. It was perfect timing, really. That was when I realized how much I missed my mother. I cried out loud, not caring if anybody heard me. Eventually I heard the door slide open, and I didn't bother to wipe my tears. "Juliet, oh my sweet Juliet! What's happened? Are you nervous dear?" my father asked frantically. 

"No, Father." I replied, dipping my head down. "I need to talk to you about something." 

"We don't have time for chatter. You've got to get ready for the wedding. It begins in 3 hours!" Those words made me shiver, and I let out another small sob. I simply handed him the letter and watched as he read it. His expression changed extraordinarily. When he finished, he folded it up and looked at me. Tears formed in his eyes. "Are you... unhappy, Juliet?" I nodded, not able to use my words. "You don't like Romeo? He's such a fine young man. A great husband for you." I shook my head.

"No, Father, I don't love him. I don't think I will ever love him. He doesn't make me happy, I've only seen him a couple of times, so how could I love him?"

"Well... then... What does make you happy?" he asked. 

"Father, I want to be with Demetrius." His face stiffened. 

"He's already forgotten about you, my daughter. Its time for you to move on." He turned away to leave, but I wouldn't let him. 

"Father! No, Please! He makes me happy! I love him. He hasn't forgotten me! He hasn't, I swear!" 

"Enough, Juliet." he stopped my begging. "I'll have a quick word with Romeo. Why don't you go off to your bedroom for now, eh? I'll be up soon to speak with you again."

I went off to my room and lay flat on my bed. I wondered where you were, what you were thinking. Of me, possibly. I felt it in my heart, you hadn't forgotten me. You loved me too.

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