My Love, Demetrius; Our Love Story

My father was cruel for forcing Romeo into my life. All he cared about was the money that their family had to offer. But you, my love, were much more precious to me than useless currency. And to think... If my mother were alive, she'd be thrilled to know that I'd be committing to a man with a name like his. Romeo and Juliet. That's who we'd be. Why would I marry someone whom I didn't even have love for? You, dearest Demetrius, made my life joyous each and every day. This is the story of our love.


8. Our Love Story

My Love, there are no words to describe my love for you. You've given me 5 beautiful children and a lifetime of happiness. I will never forget those days when we first met. I'm glad I wrote about it for you. For if something ever happens to me, you will have this to remember me. I love you with all of my heart, Demetrius. This is our love story, dear. Never forget me. Never forget us. 



~The End~

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