My Love, Demetrius; Our Love Story

My father was cruel for forcing Romeo into my life. All he cared about was the money that their family had to offer. But you, my love, were much more precious to me than useless currency. And to think... If my mother were alive, she'd be thrilled to know that I'd be committing to a man with a name like his. Romeo and Juliet. That's who we'd be. Why would I marry someone whom I didn't even have love for? You, dearest Demetrius, made my life joyous each and every day. This is the story of our love.


7. My Love

Father came up to my bedroom for another talk after an hour. "I was able to speak to several people, and the wedding is off. But I want you to go down to the reception area and apologize to all of those hard workers." he kissed my forehead. 

"Yes, Father." it hit me only when he walked out. You were down there. 

I was suddenly nervous, so I rushed around crazily. I pinned my hair into a neat up-do and dressed in my favorite day gown. I applied blush to my cheeks and a bit of lip color to my quivering mouth. Then I slowly made my way to the reception area. I spotted you immediately, stacking chairs with the rest of the servers. One of them saw me, and hit your arm. You looked at me finally and smiled. I smiled back, wanting to break down again and cry. But I didn't. 

I approached you without saying anything. You're the one who broke the nerve wrecking silence. "Good afternoon, Princess." I pursed my lips and glared at you playfully.

"Juliet." I corrected. 

"Juliet." You repeated. You mouth stayed open, as if you wanted to say something else. The servers stared at us nosily as you gently grabbed my hand and smiled. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I pulled your neck to me and kissed you. Everyone cheered and hollered. You picked me up and spun me around, like a fairy tale. We hugged afterwards. "I love you." I said. 

And out of nowhere... you got down on one knee and pulled a little box out of your pocket. I started crying because I didn't know what was happening. There was a engagement ring in the red velvet box. "You're father gave this to me. It was your mother's." you said. "Be my wife, Juliet. I love you." I looked behind my shoulder to see my father smiling at me. 

"I wouldn't want anything more." You slipped the ring on my finger and stood to your feet. I probably kissed you about a thousand times. 

I'd never been so happy before. 

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