My Love, Demetrius; Our Love Story

My father was cruel for forcing Romeo into my life. All he cared about was the money that their family had to offer. But you, my love, were much more precious to me than useless currency. And to think... If my mother were alive, she'd be thrilled to know that I'd be committing to a man with a name like his. Romeo and Juliet. That's who we'd be. Why would I marry someone whom I didn't even have love for? You, dearest Demetrius, made my life joyous each and every day. This is the story of our love.


5. Mother's Letter

My wedding day suddenly arrived, much sooner than I'd realized. I was told that you were going to be serving. And I could help the wild knots in my stomach from forming.

I still didn't want to be married, but I figured that there was no escaping.

Whenever I needed alone time, I went to my mother's office, which is where her alone time would usually take place. When she was alive, of course. 

I would often sit on the floor to think about my life, but this time was different, because I found something. In her bookshelf, there was an old folded piece of paper lodged between two large books. I pulled it out and shook it open.


My dearest daughter, Juliet

I've written this, in hopes that you will find it during your rough young years.

First of all, I want you to understand that your father is a very stubborn man. And no matter what he says that may hurt you, know that he loves you dearly. He may act stupidly upon certain situations, and he doesn't realize it. If you are ever unhappy with anything he does, tell him. That is the last thing he wants, my love. For you, his only child, to be unhappy. Don't be afraid to tell him how your feeling, even if he's using that dumb defensive emotional barrier. You are strong, Juliet. And no matter what kind of struggle you're in, you'll always make it out of the mess. 

Second, choose your husband wisely. You are young, don't ruin your life by marrying a man who makes you miserable. Fight for what you want, love.

And lastly, no matter what happens to me. If I'm gone or I become ill, know that I will never leave you. I'm always in your heart, Juliet. I love you with all of my being.



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