Come and Get It

Sammie Harris's life has been filled with tragedy ever since she could remember. When she was ten, her father was shot by her older brother for reasons she won't tell. After that her mother became addicted to drugs and sex. All of these brought back mental and physical abuse to her household.
One summer's day, she decided that she was through...
That was when she met the new boy in town...the boy with the secret...

WARNING::: This book contains sexual hinting and scenes, talking and participation in drug use, the use of alcohol, and a large amount of cussing.


Read sensibly. Let me know what you think and tell me if you'd like for me to continue. (That means to comment)


4. Paxton Gold

Sammie's POV


I felt the guy tug at my bruised arm again, causing me to wince. I reluctantly followed before another hand grabbed my other arm. 

Looking up, I met a pair of striking blue eyes. My breath hitched. He looked similar to the boy in my dream... Just...less bloody and dirtied. 

He didn't freeze as I did. Instead, his gaze flickered to the man trying to drag me away.

"Leave this girl alone." His growl was low, his eyes threatening. 

The drunkard scowled, "Who said I had to? You?" 

The younger boy jerked me out of his grip, and pushed me behind him. His face got close to the side of the other man's as he hissed quiet words into his ear.

When they departed, the other man was scowling, but the fear was clear in his eyes. He backed up, his hands up in mock surrender as he turned and walked away.

I don't know why I hadn't walked away during the midst of all of it. I guess I was too shocked to move. 

The boy turned toward me after my horny neighbor was gone, "Are you alright?"

I looked up at him, "Just...shaken..." I murmured. I breathed in a small sigh, my eyes overlooking his dark brown hair, and the strong features of his face. 

Could he really be the guy from my dream...? 

"Are you sure...?" He looked genuinely concerned.

That didn't change the fact that he scared me.

I thought too long, and he took my arm in his strong, yet gentle, grasp, "Come on. I'll take you home." 

Without any reluctance, I let him lead me towards the house. I walked through the front door, and then wondered, How the fuck does he know where I live...?

I looked at him, and it was as if he could read my mind. 

"I'm a friend of your brother. We were hanging out before he left." He then added, "You are Sammie Harris, right?" 

I let out a light sigh. If Ronald could trust him, then I could too, couldn't I?

"Yes. That's me. Thank you..." I told him, rubbing the bend of my arm nervously.

"You're welcome." He then added, "I'm Paxton Gold." 

I nodded politely, my eyes on his. His light blue eyes flickered into a bright green before dying down again. 

"Nice to meet you." I murmured, feeling intrigued, yet frightened at the same time. 

This guy was different from all the other guys I'd met. You don't meet many people whose eyes randomly glow, right?

I walked over to the couch and slowly sat down, running my fingers through my slightly tangled hair. Paxton sat on the opposite side of the couch, his eyes turning towards the TV. 

Well, this is...kinda awkward....

I decided to try and make conversation, " know Ronald, huh?" 

He nodded, glancing towards me, "We met a few days ago." He replied.

"Where at?" I asked.

He smirked a bit, looking towards me as he replied, "At Linda's Cafe. My mom owns it."

I furrowed my brows, "The new cafe... So you're new in town?" 

He nodded, "Just moved here last week. We were planning on moving earlier, but...things got in the way..."

"Why?" I couldn't help it. I had to know why his family wanted to move directly in the middle of hell, "Why plan on" 

He raised a brow, and was silent for a while. By the wondering look in his eyes, he was thinking--or remembering... I couldn't tell which.

"My father just my mom thought that we'd go to a different town. A town we knew nothing about, far away from home."

His answer surprised me. 

Now I felt bad for asking... His dad had died; he was helping his mom start over, or try at least. 

I decided to ease up on the pressing questions. I didn't want to make him depressed or angry because I was being nosy. 

"Well...where did you live...?" I finally wondered.

"Utah." He answered quickly.

"That's a...pretty long distance..." I stated the obvious with a small smile.

He chuckled, also smiling now, "Yeah...and what really sucks was that we had to drive here." 

At my confused stare, he continued, "One of my sisters are afraid of heights. It's so bad that she passes out and gets really sick." 

I gave him a slow, understanding nod.

He then fully smiled,

My, my...what a white smile... 

I didn't think anyone could get their teeth so white. 

I blinked, focusing on his words as he spoke, "Don't tell me that you thought that we would drive all the way across the country just cause we can..."

I grinned, "I never said that. You're putting words in my mouth." 

He laughed lightly, his eyes glowing strongly before dying down again. I noticed it before I realized how pretty his laugh was.

What was up with this guy? Is there a glow-stick somewhere in that head of his...? 

We talked for a while after that, and I was able to learn a lot about him. 

He had three sisters: Nancy, who was 13, Jade, who was 15, and Loren, who was 17. He, himself, was only 16 years old. He spoke about what it was like to spend the beginning of his summer with the four women, which he described as torture. I found it funny, though, of course. 

I let him talk most of the time, not wanting to share the details of my screwed up life. Though, I did tell him about Paige and Daniel. When speaking of them, I told a few stories that made Paxton laugh a few times or smile. I didn't say much more than that. He kept hinting toward me to say more, but I didn't want to. I didn't feel comfortable with opening up completely to him.

We talked for only a bit longer before he turned his head and spotted the darkening sky outside. 

He breathed a curse, and stood, "I'm gonna have to go." 

"Alright." I replied simply, standing and walking him to the door. Before his hand could touch the knob, I opened the door. He and I both exchanged an amused look before he walked outside.

"Bye, Sammie."

I smiled softly, not replying until I was sure he couldn't hear me. 

Quietly, I spoke, "Bye..." 

Yeah, he couldn't hear me...and I don't know why I'd felt the need to let him get so far away before telling him goodbye. He scared me still, but in some way I was attracted to him. Not like having a crush on him, but I felt like it was a magnetic attraction. I wanted to follow him... Even though I had just met him, I wanted to be with him and spend my time with him. I'd gotten to know him well...

Maybe I was just attracted to the fact that he cared.

Maybe I am turning a attention whore because of the neglect my mother had given me. 

Maybe all these feelings are just my mind thinking that he saved me because he felt something--which was totally impossible; he'd hardly known me. He still doesn't know me!

There were so many maybes... So many that my heart was telling me weren't true.

I watched him walk away until his figure disappeared down the street. 

With a sigh, I closed the door and went to turn around. 

I was immediately met with the icy glare of my mother's green eyes.

"Who was that...?" 


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