Come and Get It

Sammie Harris's life has been filled with tragedy ever since she could remember. When she was ten, her father was shot by her older brother for reasons she won't tell. After that her mother became addicted to drugs and sex. All of these brought back mental and physical abuse to her household.
One summer's day, she decided that she was through...
That was when she met the new boy in town...the boy with the secret...

WARNING::: This book contains sexual hinting and scenes, talking and participation in drug use, the use of alcohol, and a large amount of cussing.


Read sensibly. Let me know what you think and tell me if you'd like for me to continue. (That means to comment)


11. Meeting The Family

Sammie's POV

A moan slipped past my lips reluctantly as I felt his hot breath roll over my skin. His body pressed hard against mine as he began leaving small kisses along my flesh. My hands were stuck between our bodies where I'd been trying to push him away. A doggish whine erupted from his throat before his teeth began nipping along my jaw.

My breath had risen to a pant. I blinked my eyes as I felt his hands skim over the sides of my breasts. He slid them forward on my body, taking my hands and forcing them to the bed where he pinned them.

His brilliant blue eyes had a green hue about them, and a purr seemed to escape from his chest as his face came close to mine.

I didn't move, not knowing what to do.

For the first time in a long while, I didn't know if I should touch him or tell him to stop... I just stared at him...

Paxton's nose skimmed the side of mine, his body pressing harder down on me. I groaned lightly, a lust forming beneath my surprise.

He kissed my lips slowly, passionately. It was as if we'd known each other for a long time. His lips moved along mine, and soon I roughly responded. He groaned, his hands sliding down my arms slowly before beginning to skim my body.

His hands slid under my shirt, setting my body on fire with every little stroke.

"Mine..." He growled deeply.

I didn't know what he meant by that, but hearing him saying it that way.... Mmm! Made him sexier!

I wrap my arms up around his neck, jabbing his lips with my tongue for entrance.

He lets me in, sitting us up so that I'm straddling him. His hands are still under my shirt, skimming over my spine and sides.

As our tongues slid and twist viscously along each other, his hands slipped down to my butt. I squeak, pulling away momentarily as he pulls me closer by grabbing my backside hard.

Looking into his eyes, I saw that they had darkened with lust.

I smiled, coming closer to reconnect our lips before the bedroom door suddenly opened.

"Pax! Breakfast is-" The girl's blue eyes widened, "Oh! Hello..." She giggled, playing with a loose lock of her blonde hair, "I see... You already have your bacon right here."

Paxton growled, "Jade, out!" He roared, his voice loud and deep enough to make me shiver.

With that, the girl smirked and closed the door.

I blinked, suddenly aware of what was happening.

His sister just caught us in a heated make-out session...

My arms had loosened from around his neck, a blush blistering my cheeks.

"I-Um... I'm sorry." Paxton removed his hands from my butt, awkwardly placing them to the side.

I shook my head, avoiding his gaze, "It's fine..."

An awkward silence drifted between us before I moved off his lap.

"So...uh... Breakfast..." He started slowly, "You-you want breakfast?"

I nodded quickly, "Yes! Yeah... Um... Sure." I fail in my attempt to sound calm, and mentally smack myself with a brick. He stood up suddenly, gesturing towards the door.

"Ladies first..."


I let Paxton lead me down the short well-decorated hallway. At the end of the hallway, the dining room and living room could be seen. The living room was a dark teal color, the only furniture being a dark grey couch. Across from the couch was a few picture frames. The way the room was arranged made it obvious that they hadn't fully settled in yet. There was a flat screen TV that sat near the front of the room on the hardwood floor. It was turned to the side, it's cords sprawled on the floor near it. On the couch were two girls: one with light brown hair that was held high by a ponytail, bangs dangling over her eyebrows and the other wearing dark skinny jeans, a shimmering tank top, and a black dressy jacket to match. She had darker brown hair, and looked much older than the other girl. Her eyes were glued to her phone, which was in her hands, while the other girl talked nonstop.

The dining room was worse off... It was half painted a dark brown, the other color being a baby-chick-yellow. There were picture frames on the dark wood table as well as nails and a hammer. In this room was also the girl who had walked in on us. Her dark blonde hair was pulled over her shoulder so she could play with her own strands while she hummed a soft tune. She wore a baggy grey shirt and faded jeans that were ripped at the knees and slightly at the sides and thighs, fuzzy socks on her feet.

She looked over, noticing us and grinning wickedly, "Pax! You're awake!" She announced loudly. Both the other girls looked at me immediately.

The one who wore the dress smiled politely, "Hi! I'm Nancy!" She stated, "You?"

I returned the smile, "I'm-"

"What are you doing here?" The other girl sneered, having judged me silently.

" nice." Nancy looked at the other girl with a frown before looking towards me and rolling her eyes at her sister, "You were saying?"

"Sammie. I'm Sammie." I replied, glancing towards Loren before taking a peek up at Paxton. His eyes were on her too. They had a green tint to them, a threatening glare in his beautiful eyes.

Nancy smiled with a small sigh, "Such a pretty name... Don't you think, Jade?"

Jade was going to say something but was interrupted by a woman's voice that echoed from the kitchen, "Okay! Now it's officially ready!"

I wondered, but Paxton put my thoughts at ease, "My mom." He told me.

Oh...of course... Why didn't I think of that?

It was his mother-duh! Who else would it be?

Paxton had to place a hand to my lower back to get me to walk forward, and soon we made it into the kitchen, flowing slowly behind the others.

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