Come and Get It

Sammie Harris's life has been filled with tragedy ever since she could remember. When she was ten, her father was shot by her older brother for reasons she won't tell. After that her mother became addicted to drugs and sex. All of these brought back mental and physical abuse to her household.
One summer's day, she decided that she was through...
That was when she met the new boy in town...the boy with the secret...

WARNING::: This book contains sexual hinting and scenes, talking and participation in drug use, the use of alcohol, and a large amount of cussing.


Read sensibly. Let me know what you think and tell me if you'd like for me to continue. (That means to comment)


3. Can't Run From Your Problems

Sammie's POV


I walked passed the slums of houses, my eyes set forward. Three men were out on a porch at the end of the road, drinking beer and possibly other forms of alcohol. They had smirks on their lips as I walked by.

"Hey... Pretty girl..." I looked back, seeing that the younger of the three leaned on the dirty railing of the porch, his eyes obviously lingering on my chest.

He's making it too noticeable that he is looking at me, I thought, Damned showoff... Trying to hook me with his drunken friends watching.

"Where you headed?" I didn't answer him, just turned my head and continued to walk.

"Hey, I'm talkin' to you!" He yelled.

I walked faster, hearing his footsteps descend the creaky wooden steps. 

"Bitch, you get back here!" He screamed.

That was when I started running. 

I ran, trying to ignore his yells. 

The last thing I heard him say was, "You gotta come back sometime! I'll get you!"

I ran quickly to the side of an old building nearby to catch my breath. I put my hands on the top of my thighs, panting as I tried to catch my breath. 

That was too close.

As soon as I was able to breathe calmly, I began to walk slowly onto a cleaner street, heading straight towards the city park.

**Arriving At The Park**

As soon as I passed the entrance, I was bombarded with yells.

"Sams!" I furrowed my brows at the call.

"Saaaaaaaaammie girrrrl!" 

A smile came to my face as I spotted two figures leaning against a tree not too far away. The taller figure, that being a boy, waved me over.

I jogged over quickly, my hands on my hips as I looked at the two. 

"Miss me, bitches?" I asked with an arrogant smirk.

The girl, Paige, laughed lightly at my question.

"You know we always miss you. We need you...or else we wouldn't know what to do when shit hit the fan." She smiled cheekily after speaking, looking as happy as ever. 

Paige was one of my best friends. She had black hair, dark blue eyes, and was...the opposite of me, really. She was shy, scared most of the time, and unable to defend herself. We met after her brother died not too long ago. I had punched another girl to get her to stop teasing Paige about how fucked up her family was. I mean, her family isn't that bad... Her dad's a cop, the deputy to be exact, and her mom died in a car crash almost six years back. Nothing fucked up about that, is there? Except for all the death...

Her family isn't as screwed up as mine is, though. None of the girls at school had a right to push her around and tease her about her family's tragedies, and the fact that they thought they did pushed me off the edge.

"I missed you...a lot." The boy to my right's name was Daniel. Paige was pretty normal, but Daniel... He, on the other hand, was just...strange. I don't mean strange as in all alone in a dark corner, talking about how he has inanimate objects as friends, no. He's a cute kind of weird. Don't get to thinking that I have a crush on the guy or anything... Cause... Ew. Never gonna happen. But, it's the truth. He's strange in a cute way. A sweet type of guy, y'know...

He gets bullied some too. For understandable reasons, though. One: he never cusses, only says things such as, 'flapjack' or 'fork' in place of fuck or motherfucker. 

"A lot? Why?" I asked.

"Because without you, I get mugged." He stated bluntly, smiling a small, dimpled smile. 

"Nothing to be proud of, Danny. You shouldn't smile." I smirked as I spoke.

He just shrugged, "I didn't get mugged... I was afraid I would though."

I leaned on the trunk of the tree as the conversation progressed. 

We laughed and joked, wondered things that none of us had the answers to. Sometimes we'd vent about things in our lives that bothered us, but that was the good things about having close friends: they didn't judge you.  

My stomach began to growl a few hours later and I sighed, "I forgot breakfast." I muttered.

Paige played with my bun as I spoke, "You wanna get some lunch with us?" She offered.

I shook my head, standing while brushing the back of my jeans off. "Nah... I should probably head back to the house. My mom has probably gone on a raging rampage trying to find me." I chuckled glumly as I spoke.

"I sense sarcasm. A lot of lot of sarcasm." Paige stated, and I rolled my eyes. 

I smiled a bit, "She feeds me. That's all I need from her." I told them.

Daniel sighed as we all walked towards the park entrance. "You need to tell us why you hate her so much." 

I glared at him, "That is classified until further notice, Mr. Brown." 

He raised his hands up in surrender, "Okay. Okay... Just don't shank me..." 

I punched his arm after he said that, though laughing.

We parted our ways after reaching the street that the other two lived on. I kept walking, making my way back towards my house. As I turned onto the street I lived on, I saw someone that reminded me of that morning.


Sitting there on his front porch step was the drunken guy from earlier; the man that had tried to showoff to his friends by getting some random, young chick in his arms. 

I gasped, and backed back behind the street corner. 

What the hell was he doing? Waiting for me?

I prayed to God that he wasn't...

I took another peek at him and looked him over. He looked...ill.

Must be all the drugs and alcohol dragging him down.

He had a cigarette placed between his thin lips, his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. 

Okay, I told myself, just walk passed him.... Maybe he doesn't remember you; maybe he was too drunk this morning to remember.

I took a deep breath and started to do exactly what I thought I would. Getting a good few feet away from the man, I walked quickly towards my house.

I wasn't even near the house when suddenly a voice called out, "Hey! You! Where are you going!?" 

I didn't need to glance backward to know whose voice it was, or who they were talking to; I knew the question was for me.

Without a minutes hesitation, I began to run. 

My weak escape plan didn't work out the way I'd hoped, for the man easily caught up with me and threw me to the ground. 

I cried out in pain as he pulled my hair roughly, causing my neat bun to fall. 

I raised my hand to shield myself as he loomed over me, begging for him to let me be. He pulled me up by my wrist, and jerked me in a certain direction. 

"Come on, bitch. Walk faster." His words were a harsh growl in my ear as he dragged me along with him.

"Hey! Let her go!" I held my breath at the booming voice of my hero.




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