Come and Get It

Sammie Harris's life has been filled with tragedy ever since she could remember. When she was ten, her father was shot by her older brother for reasons she won't tell. After that her mother became addicted to drugs and sex. All of these brought back mental and physical abuse to her household.
One summer's day, she decided that she was through...
That was when she met the new boy in town...the boy with the secret...

WARNING::: This book contains sexual hinting and scenes, talking and participation in drug use, the use of alcohol, and a large amount of cussing.


Read sensibly. Let me know what you think and tell me if you'd like for me to continue. (That means to comment)


7. "Calm down or we'll never get there!"

Paxton's POV

I awoke with a jolt. My heart beat loudly in my ears and sweat rolled down my face.

The dream... It wasn't real, was it? She wasn't... No. She couldn't be.

"Go find her..."

My wolf's demand is a growl.

And yes, I did say wolf... Not because I'm crazy or I'm bad at naming separate personalities, but because I'm a werewolf.

I quickly rose off the couch. Before I had heard Sammie's mental cries for help, I had been lounged in a comfortable tee and sweats while I watched a couple of movies. The girls and my mother had already settled in bed by that time.

With quiet steps, I made my way into my dark bedroom.

I glanced at the clock.

It was eleven o'clock...

Its not too suspicious for a boy my age to be going out, is it?

"Nah... Considering the cause..."

I rolled my eyes, "Mother doesn't know the cause though..." I reply through thought.

"Oh, then it's probably not wise to get caught."

I only shook my head at my wolf's words.

I quietly walk to my room, dressing myself in a pair of already-worn jeans and leaving my t-shirt on.

My feet quickened, and soon I had bolted out the front door. It was cold, and I had no jacket, but that didn't bother me.

My thoughts were only on Sammie as I raced down the street.

Once I'd reached the street corner, my mind had gone blank.

I couldn't think straight while my eyes darted through the frozen air around me.

A growl erupted in my throat, and I raised a fist to pound against the right side of my head.

"Get a grip... Calm yourself or we'll never get there!"

I listened to the growl, breathing out as slowly as I could manage.

That was when I smelt it....

The scent... It was so familiar...

It was faint, but I didn't care.

My head snapped to the side as I breathed it in heavily.

I didn't waste one second; I rushed towards the direction of the fading smell as fast as my human body could go.

It took all of my strength to keep my wolf from taking control and morphing.

I wasn't sure how far I'd ran before I found myself in the Harris's front lawn.

Jogging up the steps and to the front door, I banged the side of my fist on the wood.

"Sammie!" I yelled. I didn't care if I woke the neighbors up...

I had to know if she was okay.

"Sammie! Open the fucking door!"

I couldn't wait another minute. Stepping a few feet away from the door, I kicked the door hard with the bottom of my boot.

I did this several times before the shaky door finally flew open.

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