Blue Eyes

Interviewer Rebecca Gold talks to Cody Matthews about his love Marie Higgins.


2. Paint, I Need Paint

"Oh, how sweet. Love at first sight?" Rebecca smiled as the audience replied with an, "Awe!"

"In a way. It was, really, but we didn't know we loved each other. We just became best friends after that," I smiled, remembering the feeling when I first saw her.

"So what happened the first time you hung out with her, just the two of you in person? Because you previously told me that if you hung out in person, Hannah and/or Luke and/or Taylor were always there, and if it wasn't in person it was over video chat," Rebecca asked. 

"I remember.. It was at her house," I said, remembering. "Her room had white walls, easels with blank canvases, jars of paint everywhere, and the best part - her piano with the dancing space next to it." My smile from the memory earned another, "Awe!"


"What are you doing?" I asked as she moved her hand along her white walls in weird motions.

"Come here," she smiled. I went over there and she took my hand, making me trace the blank walls. "Can you feel it?" She closed her eyes and kept moving our hands.

"No.." I said, thinking she lost her mind. Her eyes shot open with a smile and she grabbed her purse. 

"Where are we going?" I asked as we walked out the door. 

"Paint. I need paint," she smiled at me as she walked backwards. I grabbed her hands and laughed as she jumped up and down.

"What are you so excited about?" I laughed as I put her on my shoulders. She tapped a drum beat on my head.

"I need paint!" she said. That smile would not leave her face, making mine smile too.

"For what?" I laughed as we came up to the paint shop. I let her down and she shook her head. 

"You'll see. You'll help," she said and searched for the colors. 

"You know I can't paint," I said as I leaned on the counter she was searching. 

"You don't have to be good. I prefer it that way," she said. I rolled my eyes and looked for some colors. "Find lots of blues, greens, purples, and light reds." 

Of course she'd want reds. Red is her favorite color. She always used red in her art somewhere and always wore it. A shirt, earring, socks, bow, anything to show it. She liked how it, "Stands out."

I looked for what I thought were the best shades - about seven jars - and she agreed on three of them, along with nine of her own. I bought them for her and we walked back. She kissed my cheek and smiled. 

"Thanks for buying. I owe you one." I shook my head and put an arm around her. "Nah." She shrugged and we got back to her house soon after.

"So what are we doing?" I asked. 

"First, get out," she said, pushing me and then closing her door. I knew she wasn't mad at me so I waited.

I looked down the hall and saw all her pictures. Building sandcastles at the beach, slashing in puddles with her big redrain boots, and her first day of school in her braid and navy blue dress with small white shoes. I smiled, thinking how this little girl was still inside her with that adorable little smile. 

She opened the door and I walked in. She changed from a dress to her t-shirt that used to be white and overalls, which is what she wore when she painted. 

"Grab a brush," she said. I grabbed one and waited for more instructions. "Now paint. Nothing like a person or animal or real thing. Just paint dots and lines and squiggles." she says. 

"Why?" I ask. This is must be what she was tracing the wall for.

"You don't need a reason for everything, Cody!" she says and I laugh. We get to painting, squiggles and lines of color. When we finish we're covered in paint and our hair looks horrible. We step back and look at her walls. Of course what she did looks better than what I did, but she wouldn't stop smiling at her walls.

"I love it!" she says as she hugs me.

"I'm glad," I laughed.


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