Something New | Werewolf Romance

What happens when you are forced to move to a new part of the world? What happens when your parents send you off to a boarding school for the next 2 years?

Aerynn is a normal teenage girl who has dealt with a lot for the past 4 years, she has tried to commit suicide after being bullied at all of her schools. But what happens when she finds out that she is a werewolf? or when she is in a little trouble when she finds out that 2 guys are hybrids and the they go to her school?

Everything is about to change when she finds her mate and is in more trouble than she thinks that she is. What will happen when she is caught in the middle of a war between the werewolves and werewolf hunters? Read to find out what happens.


9. 9. Leaving

I haven't told Bec that I am leaving yet, because I'm afraid I am going to hurt his feelings at the moment. I just can't take being here any longer, I need to be somewhere else other than here. It will be easier for everyone, I'm just a big distraction to everybody.

My flight leaves in 2 hours and my mom will be picking me up at the airport at 11:00am in England. I can't wait to see them again, and of course they already know that I am a werewolf. I geuss they want me to join there pack, they thought it would be nice if I lived with them. But I don't want to, it will just be even worse if I do.

I am actually going to be joining the Silvermist Pack in North America that live in Minnesota, I will be moving into the pack house as soon as I get to Minnesota. I have no idea who lives in the pack. The Alpha and Luna are Bane and Jackie Kauderer, from what I have heard is that the pack is nice and very friendly.

I can't wait to get there and away from Killian, I just don't know if I can stand being around him and then what if something happens again to Bec. I can't risk that happening ever again, I could ever frogive myself if that happend.

I told Drew to come down to my dorm so I can tell her everything, that I am a werewolf, that I am going to america to go basically have a new life almost. I just hope that Bec or Killian don't try to come and find me, I just can't deal with being around either of them at the moment. I can't let anyone get hurt for my sake, so I am leaving.

It's time to go to the airport and get on my flight, I told Drew why and that I am a werewolf. She understood enough and said that she would not tell anyone what happend or what I am. I can luckily trust her with my life, she is a really good friend. She is really reliable, and I am going to miss her because I am not coming back once I leave. I texted her to come to my dorm, and she replied saying yes.

She arrived and I quickly embraced her in a hug and we both held each other tightly.

"I'm going to miss you." I whispered into her hair.

"I'm going to miss you too." She whispered back. We released from out hug and looked at each other teary eyed.

"I have no idea why i'm crying, i'm just going to miss you so much." I said starting to cry and laugh slightly. I wiped my tears away and we were both laughing with each other.

"Do you want a ride to the airport?"

"You don't mind?" I asked hesitantley.

"Of course not, let's go!" She said gesturing for me to follow and grab my bags. I got up and we grabbed my bags and left the dorm. "Have you told Killian or Bec yet?"

"No, and I probably never will. They will figure it out for themselves soon enough." I explained.

"I understand and respect that." Drew said truthfully and smiling and I smiled with her.

We loaded all my stuff in her car and we drove to the airport, she helped me unload my stuff from her car and bring it into the airport with me and watch me descent on my way back to England. If I didn't mention this before, I will be spending 3 days with my family and then going to live with the Silvermist Pack in Minnesota.

We both waved goodbye and I got on my plane and settled in and grabbed my phone and started listening to music. I listened to 'The A Team' by Ed Sheeran.

(Song on the side!)

'White lips, pale face

breathing in the snowflakes

burn't lungs, sour taste.'

'Lights gone, days end

struggling to pay rent

long nights strange men.'

'And they say, she's in the class A team

stuck in her daydream

been this way since eighteen

but lately her face seems

slowly sinking, wasting, cumbling like pastries and they scream

the worst things in life come free to us.'

'Cos were just under the upper hand

go mad for a couple grams.

But we don't want to go outside, tonight'

And in a pipe she flies to the motherland

or sell love to another man.

It's to cold outside,

for angels to fly,

angels to fly.'

After the song was done, I soon fell asleep.


10 hours later


I woke up fast, and then got off the plane after we were dismissed. I saw my mom waiting by the terminal with my bags, so I walked up to her and hugged her.


"Hey! How is everything?" My mom aksed.

"Ehhh, why didn't you tell me I was a werewolf?" I exclaimed.

"I didn't think you were ready, how was your first shifting?"

"It was painful." I said sadly.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to be with you to help, who was with you at the time?"

"Jacy, I didn't want him to be there and see me like that." I explained.

"Ahhh, I see. I'm sorry I wasn't the one to tell you that you were a werewolf like all of us, but at least you know now. Are you excited to be living with the Silvermist Pack?"

"Yea, I geuss. I have heard good things about there pack, there suppost to be really friendly. I have heard good things about the Alpha and Luna too." I exclaimed happily.

"Great, well we should get going so then you can hang out with your brothers and sisters." I sighed, my brothers and sisters are a pain in my ass most of the time, but since I won't see them in a while I geuss I will hang out with them.

"Okay, I geuss."

We both walked out of the terminal and then walked to the car and loaded up and went to the house. We arrived at the house and walked inside after getting my stuff out of the car and bringing it inside and up to my room.

I then walked back downstairs and started talking to my family and messing around with my little brother, Jackson. He is really outgoing and is probably the sweetest out of all of my siblings. and then there's my little sister, Jessica, she is probably the one who is the most pain in the ass to me.

We all sat down for dinner and Jacy sat on my left and Jackson sat on my right and, Jessica sat on the other side of the table in front of me and my parents sat at the end of the table. We all started eating and talking again, we finished eating and I went off to bed and fell asleep quickly into a peaceful sleep.

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