Something New | Werewolf Romance

What happens when you are forced to move to a new part of the world? What happens when your parents send you off to a boarding school for the next 2 years?

Aerynn is a normal teenage girl who has dealt with a lot for the past 4 years, she has tried to commit suicide after being bullied at all of her schools. But what happens when she finds out that she is a werewolf? or when she is in a little trouble when she finds out that 2 guys are hybrids and the they go to her school?

Everything is about to change when she finds her mate and is in more trouble than she thinks that she is. What will happen when she is caught in the middle of a war between the werewolves and werewolf hunters? Read to find out what happens.


20. 20. Meeting the Rest of the Jansens


2 days later


"Blake, we have to go if were going to go to New York to see my parents." I yelled up the staircase.

"Wait one second, I'm coming." He yelled back.

And I thought boys were faster than girls.

Blake then ran down the stairs and I hopped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride outside and I hopped off and got into the pasenger seat of the car and we were headed off to New York! We both talked for awhile, but I soon drifted off to sleep, listening to Ed Sheeran's 'A Team'.


3 hours later


"Aerynn... Aerynn. Wake up." I heard faintly and opened up my eyes to see that Blake was trying to get me to wake up.

"Hey." I said yawning lightly.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." He announced and then pecked me on the cheek.

"Good morning to you too, what time is it? And where are we right now?" I said grogily, still waking up.

"Well, it is like 8:00 at night right now and we are in Springfield, Illinois." He explained.

"Okay, could we get something to eat? I'm starving." I said a little over dramatic.

"Yes we can, I luckily woke you up in time, because there is a McDonalds close up here and  I am going to get you to eat a shamrock shake," Blake said happily.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Shamrock shakes are great, there like heaven on a cloud but not quite. Trust me."

"Okay, I trust you." We then stopped at the McDonalds and he ordered me a shamrock shake and a medium fry. When I got it I dipped a french fry in the shake and ate it, and let me tell you it was phenominiall!!! <3

A/N: that was for you! my fellow directions!<3

After we were done eating we were back on the road again.


8 hours later


We finally arrived in New York and we are about 20 minutes away from the apartment. We arrived outside the building and I called my mom to let her know we were here so that she could let us up. We walked inside after parking and locking up the car.

We went into the lobby and the doorman gestured for us to go on the elevator and go to floor 8. We walked over and went up to that floor, it went right onto that floor and opened up to the living room. I saw my family sitting down in the room, I then ran up behind my dad and hugged him.

I heard him gasp and I ran around the couch with Blake and we stood infront of them. My mom and dad hugged me and then my mom hugged Blake.

"They like hugs." I said awkwardly, he mouthed back 'I see', to me. My mom released him from the hug and stood infront of us.

"How are you guys?" My mom asked happily.

"Where great, this is Blake my mate." I introduced.

"That is great, you can call me Mary." My mom introduced herself. "And this is my husband, William." My dad held out his hand for Blake to shake, and he accepted.

"It's nice to meet you, Mary and William." Blake said cheerfully.

"We would have brought Jacy, but he wanted to spend some more time with his mate, Emma, this weekend." I explained.

"That is just fine, lunch is almost ready and then we were going to just unpack a little bit more if that is okay with you?" My dad asked.

"We would love too." Blake replied. We all sat down in the dining room and ate sandwiches and then cleaned up and Blake and I changed into some work clothes and then we got to work. Blake and I walked back downstairs and there were tarps lying down on the ground and paint buckets were on the ground too.

"Well, grab a paint brush and get painting." My mom exclaimed happily, I grabbed my sterio and I put my iPhone on shuffle and the first song on was 'You and Me' by the Plain White T's. We were all listening and painting the living room and then plopped down on the ground and stared at the beautiful burgundy color that was now painted on the walls.

"Well, you ready to do Jessica's disaster of a bedroom?" I asked Blake.

"Yea, lets go get the little monsters room done." Blake and I got up and grabbed all of the shades of pink and waltzed up the stairs to Jessicas room and painted it bright white before we splatter painted the walls with different shades of pink.

"If I do say so myself that looks pretty damn good for a girl who has never really painted anything in her life." I said talking in 3rd person.

"Yea, same here." He said kissing the top of my head and then walking into Jackson's room and painting it a lime green color, then moved onto the geust bedroom and painted it a baby blue color and let it dry, everything was dry by about 10:00pm and we moved all the beds and everything into place and then all took showers and went to bed.

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