Something New | Werewolf Romance

What happens when you are forced to move to a new part of the world? What happens when your parents send you off to a boarding school for the next 2 years?

Aerynn is a normal teenage girl who has dealt with a lot for the past 4 years, she has tried to commit suicide after being bullied at all of her schools. But what happens when she finds out that she is a werewolf? or when she is in a little trouble when she finds out that 2 guys are hybrids and the they go to her school?

Everything is about to change when she finds her mate and is in more trouble than she thinks that she is. What will happen when she is caught in the middle of a war between the werewolves and werewolf hunters? Read to find out what happens.


10. 10. Go Away!

I woke up and grabbed my robe and walked downstairs and saw the rest of my family in the kitchen eating breakfast and there was one peice of bacon and a egg on the plate for me.

"Same as always." I exclaimed looking at the plate.

"You finally are up!" My mom said standing up and going over to the stove and making some more eggs and bacon.

"Yea, what time is it?" I replied.

"It's 10:00." My mouth fell open, and I sat down at the table at ate my breakfast. After I finished and stood up and walked up stairs and got dressed in black yoga pants and a neon pink sports bra and a got my ipod nano and the little thing that you put on your arm and can stick the ipod nano in it.

I then walked downstairs and told my family I was going for a run. I walked out the door and started jogging down the road, I then got the feeling I was being watched. But the feeling told me that someone actually was, my gut is never wrong.

I startd running faster and ran into the woods and took off my clothes and hid them behind the tree and shifted in my wolf. I was being really cautious of my surroundings, I heard other footsteps. I heard other voices.

Aerynn, don't do this.

Come back, don't leave us.

Come back.

I love you.

Both of the wolf voices sounded familiar, they started getting louder and louder. I soon saw 2 other wolf form's come into veiw. I recognized one wolf, but not the other.

Who are you? I asked the unfamiliar one.

Why did you leave? He asked in reply.

Who are you? I said more sternly this time.

Bec, your boyfriend. I looked away sadly.

We can't be together, just go away.

No, im not leaving your side.

I said go away!

I can't leave you.

I don't care, leave! I shouted. I then started walk away, but I heard there footsteps following me. Leave! I shouted louder, and started off into a sprint and was getting really angry. I turn't around and ran back past them and shifted back and pulled my clothes back on as fast as I could and then ran back to my house.

I walked inside and slammed the door shut, and slid down the door and started crying. I heard Jacy walk in the living room. He sat down next to me and rubbed small circles on my back trying to comfort me.

"Aerynn, what happend?" Jacy asked sweetly.

"They found me." I said trying to fight back more tears that were pouring out of my eyes.

"Who found you?" He asked confused. We then heard wolf howls, and I instantly looked up and at Jacy. I was hesitant.

"That..." I said simply. I then heard bangs on the door. "Don't tell them i'm here." I then ran off and hid in my bedroom.

*Jacy's P.O.V.*

I opened the door and saw to werewolf's standing there. One had dark brown fur and emerald green eyes, and the other had black fur and blue eyes.

"Hello, and who are you?" I asked.

I'm Bec and this is Killian.

"Oh, hey Killian and your the famous Bec."

Yea, have you seen Aerynn? We have been looking for her.

"I'm sorry I haven't seen her. Is there anything else you guys need?"

No, thank you. We thought that her scent led back here. Do you mind if we have a look inside? I had to take a second thought at that, and I thought it would be rude if I didn't let them in.

"I'm sorry, but no." They both nodded and turned around, Killian looked back.

Thank you.

Your welcome. I said back.

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