Becoming Mrs. Styles

Bella is eighteen years old, and her parents think she is ready for marriage. They set her up with none other than Harry Styles. She hates the thought of getting married and questions if she'll actually show up for the wedding. She soon realizes, maybe Harry is the one.


1. Chapter 1

           “Bella, come here, your Father and I need to talk to you.” I heard my Mother say. “Coming Mom.” I said. I walked through the large house to the family sitting room. My family was VERY well off, but also VERY strict. I walked in and saw my Dad standing and my Mom sitting. My Dad moved aside revealing a familiar curly haired, greened eyed boy. Harry Styles from One Direction. I wasn’t going to lie, I didn’t really like them, but then again I can’t judge because I’ve never really listened to them.

            “Mom, Dad?” I asked. Harry flashed me a smile but I looked to me parents. “Bella, please sit and have some tea.” My Dad said pointing to the tray of tea, Lea our maid, set out for us. I nodded, sat down, and grabbed the tea from Lea as she poured it. “Harry please sit.” My Mom said. He took a seat and was uncomfortably close to me, making me inch away from him. “Your Mother and I have put long and hard thought in about this, along with Harry’s parents.” My Dad began. My heart started racing as I waited for what they were about to say. “You and Harry will be married.” My Mom said.

            I choked on my tea and started coughing. “What?!” I asked. “You will be married.” My Dad said. “What?! I’m having an arranged marriage?!” I asked raising my voice and standing up. “Bella Anne Jones! Sit down and bring your voice down!” My Mother scolded. “You mean Bella Anne Styles? I don’t even know him for Christ’s sake!” I shouted. “You will be married tomorrow.” Mother said. “WHAT?!” I screamed, horrified. My parents nodded and I looked to Harry. “Are you ok with this?!” I asked. He shrugged. “You seem like a very nice girl.” He said. “Why can’t you accept it like Harry?” My Dad asked. “I can’t believe this is happening.” I said running up to my room.

This. Can't. Be. Happening.

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