Black Delilah. ~Harry Style Love Story~

"No!" Harry says. "You are not another one of my 'toys'! I always imagined it was you I was kissing. I didn't want anyone else but you, but you have to believe me when I say that Management made me do it. I only want you, Delilah. I want to be with you the way Lou and Andy are. I want to fall asleep and wake up with you in my arms. I want to kiss you like there's no tomorrow." He puts his head in his hands. "I love you and only you." He whispers


3. ~Chapter Two~

*One Year Later* Delilah's POV:)   I never told them when I was coming back. I knocked on Harry and Louis door. I wonder if they will like my new Blonde hair. The Door opens and I see Andy.  Andy's jaw drops. She goes to say something but nothing comes out. Instead She lets out a squeal and hugs me. "Andy!!" I yell and hug her back. "Delilah?" I hear my brothers voice. He and the rest of the boys come into the walkway. "Louis!!" I yell and jump and hug him.  He holds onto me tightly. "You're back. My little sis is back!" He kisses my forehead. "Oh how we all missed you!" "I missed you all too." I smile. "I'm glad to be back. Shall we go in the living room it's crowded in here." I say. Andy nods. And she  wraps one arm around me and the other around Lou. "You're in for a surprise. I changed the place up a little bit." She smiles. I walk in. "Wow, I like it." I smile.  "I do too." Louis says sitting beside Andy. "When I asked her to move in, I never thought she would rearrange the house." "That's great, guys." I smile. "Niall, Zayn, Liam. I missed you guys." I say hugging them. "Where's Harry?"  Everyone goes silent. "Yeah, about Harry..." Andy says trailing off. "What about Harry?" I say again. "He's on a date." She says quickly, avoiding my eyes. "With who?" I looked at the ground.    Yes I do like Harry a lot. He kissed me  a day before I was leaving and some stuff happened, if you know what I mean.    Andy  looks at Louis for help. "Her name's Rosalie. He's been seeing her off and on for a few months." Andy then speaks up. "We tried to tell him that you still had feelings for him and when you came back, everything would be ok. He didn't listen." "I'm glad for Him." I lie. Sitting down. Taking everything in.  Andy stares at me. "Don't you dare lie to me." Zayn gets up quickly. "Oh look at the time! Liam, Niall, we better get going!" They say goodbye, leaving us there in silence. "I'm not lying. I'm glad it didn't take him long to adjust to me not being here." I smile fakly. Andy sighs. "Whatever." She gets up and stretches. "Are you hungry?" She asks looking at me. "Yeah, I actually am."  "Spaghetti sound okay?"  "Ehh, I can manage."   Andy nods walking into the kitchen. Louis relaxes on the couch. "I know where you were." He says. "The truth" "Who told you?" "I went to Simon." He says casually. "I threatened to quit unless he told me where you were. Andy kept her secret, don't worry." "Oh, I know she wouldn't tell you. So tell me how have you been?"  "Good." He smiles. "That's good, I'm glad, you're doing great." I smile. "It's so nice to be back."  "It's good to have you back." He smiles. "Andy missed you the most I think." "I missed her a lot to, I made some friends i met a girl named Gemma. She is British to."  He raises an eyebrow. "What's Gemma's last name?" "She never told me. But she reminded me of Harry."  He nods. "Harry has a sister named Gemma." I pulled out my iPhone and showed him a picture of Gemma and I. He gasps. "Babe, that's Harry's older sister Gemma." "How Ironic." I sigh. "Yeah, I guess it is." Lou sighs. "Delilah I can tell you're not over him." "I don't like him!!!  so tell me about that girl is she taller than him, prettier than me, is she a singer?" I ask.  He laughs. "You're over him alright."he mutters. "She's not a singer, she's actually a model. I don't think she's that attractive. She wears tons of makeup." "Oh, how long did it take him to move on?" I ask. "A couple months. But the thing is," he leans in closer. "I don't think he's completely over you." "Why do you say that?"  "He talks in his sleep you know." He smirks. "Your name comes out of his mouth every night."
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