Black Delilah. ~Harry Style Love Story~

"No!" Harry says. "You are not another one of my 'toys'! I always imagined it was you I was kissing. I didn't want anyone else but you, but you have to believe me when I say that Management made me do it. I only want you, Delilah. I want to be with you the way Lou and Andy are. I want to fall asleep and wake up with you in my arms. I want to kiss you like there's no tomorrow." He puts his head in his hands. "I love you and only you." He whispers


4. ~Chapter Three~

"He talks in his sleep you know." He smirks. "Your name comes out of his mouth every night." "And how would you know that?" I ask. "Do you creep on him." I laugh.  He laughs too. "No! My bedroom is right next to his, and I am an early bird." "Mmmmhm, what do you think he'll react when he sees me?" I ask.  He shrugs. "I honestly have no idea. I don't know if he'll be happy or just shocked. You know, with your blonde hair and all." He smiles. "I know your my brother but, do I look prettier with brown or blonde hair?"  "I like your blond hair." He says pulling at my  hair. "It make your eyes pop." "Thank you, love." I smile.  "Anytime. Now I want to ask you something really important. You're opinion means the most to me, other than mum's." "Fire away." He takes a deep breath and leans In closer. "I was at Tiffany's, the jewelry store... And I was looking at rings.." He says whispering. "Oh my god..... Do it Louis!!." I smile and hug him.  He smiles wide and hugs me back. "You have no idea how you saying yes is important to me." "Do you know how important it is to have the best big brother in the world." I smile.   He laughs. "No need to tell me sis, I already know." He smiles. "I don't know when to do it though. We've been dating for over a year now. I want it to special." "You should leave notes and clues and then she'll find you at the first place you guys met and ask her there." I smile. "That's a great idea babe!" He hugs me tight and then kisses my cheek. "That's why I love you!" "I love you too!" I smile and hug him back. And then the door opens.  "Louis, Andy I'm home!" I hear a deep, husky voice say. I look at Louis and then at the door way. I hide my face with my hand. "This is going to be good." I whisper to Louis.  "Im in here sweet cheeks." Louis says. A few moments later, Harry walks in. "Hey Lo-" he stops mid sentence and stares at me.  "Delilah?" "Harry.." I say looking at him. "You're back?" He still stares at you. "And your a blonde?" "Yeah, I'm back." I smile. "Yeah, Gemma dyed it because it looked like a good color on me."  He raises an eyebrow. "Gemma, as in Gemma Styles my sister?" "Yes, Mr. Styles."   "We'll that's something she didn't tell me." He smiles and holds out his arms. "Give me a hug! You've been gone for a year and I didn't even get to say goodbye." I hug him. "Apparently you didn't miss me to much..."  "Please not now... You just got back.. I don't wanna fight." He says. "Whatever, Louis can I stay here a while?"  "Yeah there's a spare room up there." Louis says. "Thanks, Love." I smile and go upstairs to unpack my things. After a while Andy Yells to tell me Supper is ready. I run downstairs into the kitchen. Louis, Harry and Andy were sitting at the table.  "Plate's on the counter babe." Andy says. "Thanks." I sit down and start eating. "I met a guy." I say  "I gasp. "Tell me now! We need to catch up on gossip! Who is it? Is he cute, tall, short?" Andy asks excitedly. "He's about Louis height. His name is Hayden.  He looks like Harry, but he's different at the same time ." I mumble at the end.  Harry grips his fork tightly. "And does this Hayden guy, treat you right." He asks. Andy raise an eyebrow at Harry. "Yeah, he's a gentleman."  "Everyone's a real gentleman." He mumbles and then stands up. "Excuse me, I'm going to Rosalie's." Harry leaves the kitchen and a few moments later, we  hear the door slam shut. I look at Andy and Louis. "What was that?" "Told you he still liked you." Louis smirks. "Now tell me more about Hayden?" Andy says. "There is no Hayden." I say emptying my plate and putting it in the sink.  I laugh. "Delilah! Did you just want to make our Harold jealous?" "Yes, and by the looks of it . I think it worked." I sigh. "He irritates me."  Andy smiles. "But you still like him babe." Louis nods. "Hazza is a very complicated man." "I do, very much, And I've realized he is very complicated, I'm complicated too, and  we will be complicated together it's inevitable." I laugh while smiling. Andy laughs too. "But there's one teeny tiny problem- Rosalie. He's dating her." Andy says putting a hand on Lou's leg. "Yeah, I forgot about that." I sigh.  "I don't think so Babe." Louis says. "You're back and Rosalie's gonna be Rosagone." "Louis it doesn't work like that, but lets have a movie night, tonight."  Andy smiles. "Great idea. We can't invite the boys though. Liam and Zayn are with their girlfriends and Niall's back in Ireland. Do you wanna invite Harry and Rose?" "I don't care."   Soon  later Rose and Harry arrive, and we start watching the movie.    "Alright, who's idea was it to watch this movie?" Andy asks, with her head buried in Lou's chest. "Well you should know this by now." I smile pointing my thumbs at me.   " I absolutely love scary movies."  Rose snickers. "Harry I don't like this movie. Change it."  "Harry, you touch it ill kill you." I say.  Harry sighs and looks at Rose. "Sorry, you heard her." She groans "But Harry!" "Rose, shut up. I'm trying to watch this idiot run in the woods." I say.  She glares right back. "Nobody told you to talk, now did they?" She snaps back. Harry stares at her. "Rosalie! Why did you just say that?" "Your so lucky." I say clenching my fist.   "Honey, I can take you down." She says, standing up. Harry stops her. "You need to leave." "Really." I say standing up.  "Try me."  "Delilah," Harry says. "Enough." Rose tries to lunge at me but Harry grabs her. "Enough!" He yells. "You have to leave Rosalie. Now!" He leads her to the door. "I don't know what's gotten into you lately but I don't like it. We're done." I hear him say to her. "I don't like her at all." I say.  "She never was like that." Harry sighs.  "I have the feeling she doesn't like me." I somewhat laugh and sigh. "Well I tried being nice till she ordered "My Harry" around."  Harry smirks at that "Your Harry?" Andy laughs along with me. "Is she always like that? I'm not like that am I?" I say changing the "your Harry" subject.  Harry smiles wider. "I know what your doing babe. Since when was I "Your Harry." He says. "A year ago." He freezes. Andy stands up quickly and grabs Lou's hand. "Lou, let's go clean our bedroom." They go upstairs and leave us alone. "A year ago huh?" He asks. I sigh.
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