True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


8. Sunday funday!!!!

**next morning**

Charleens POV
I woke up a little early  so I went to the bathroom and got freshened up. I was wondering what that surprise was that justin planned for me I was excited and nervous at the same time.I walked out and justin was still sleeping. I had an idea to wake him up.

Me: I stood on the bed and started jumping up and down!! JUSTINNNN WAKEEE UPPP BOOOOO!!! I kept jumping up and down

Justin: babe stopppp!!!!!

Me: wake up justin ( I kept on jumping and didn't stop) but I feel off the bed

Me: owwwwweeeee ouchhhh justin I feel off the bed!!!!

Justin: I ran off the bed to go see her!!! Babe are you fricking okay tht was funny but I won't laugh are you okay???

Me: hahha yeah I'm fine but my job was to wake you up!! And I did it :) 

Justin: well I'm going to back to sleep!!

Me: noooo justin!!!! You told me you had surprise I really want to know what it is.

Justin: babe you can wait till this afternoon trust me!!! 

Me: how long???

Justin: just till 12 so start getting ready at 12 so your ready by 1.

Me: hahha okay, what should I wear tho?

Justin: remember that black strapless dress you bought??

Me: you mean you bought

Justin: seriously babe! We had this talk!!!

Me: hahah sorry boo but ya what bout that dress??

Justin: wear tonight please

Me: anything for you boo

I walked over to justin  and planted a kiss on his cheeck.

Me: I love you boo

Justin : I love you to babe!!!

Me: I'm hungry can we eat something?

Justin: can I cook?

Me: hahha aweee of course 

Justin: what do you want to eat?

Me: umm Mac and cheese

Justin: give me 15 minutes and it'll be done 

Me: okay 

15 minutes later!!

Justin: babe it's ready

Me: coming!!! Wow baby surprisingly this is very good

Justin: see I can cook and ill come in handy when we get married and you'll
Be pregnant with our  baby I can cook

Me: justin what ever makes you happy is what'll we do I promise okay :) 

Justin: thanks Babe

Charleen a POV
Wow does justin ever make good Mac n cheese. As I was eating my phone rang its been a while anyone's called me.

*ring ring ring*

Me: hold on  baby I'm gonna go get my phone( I grabbed my phone and went back to table)

Me: hello

?: hey

Me: who's this?
Justin looked at me with. A concerned look when I said "who's this" he looked at me and mouthed "who is it" I mouthed back "I don't know"

?: seriously you forgot me that quick since the tour!!!??

Me: OMG BRYN I'm so fricking sorry OMG I miss you so much how are you ??

Justin looked at me and smiled and me and mouthed "aweee babe" 

Bryn: I'm fine Gurl thanks I miss you too it's crazy!! How are you and justin?

Me: aweee were fine Justin's good too he's living a great life like always!!

Justin looked at me and mouthed "I love you" and puckered up his lips. I walked around the table to go give him a kiss.he smiled at me and I walked back!!!

Justin:( screams) HEYY bryn!!!!!

Bryn: aweee tell justin I say HEYY!!!

Me: baby bryn says HEYY!!! So how's life???

Bryn: good I found a boyfriend!!!!

Me: OH MY GOD no way whoo??

Bryn: remember that guy I'm English

Me: oh that really hot guy!! With blond hair and blue eyes!!!

I looked up at justin and his eyes were tearing up He made a sad face and my eyes started to get teary I felt so bad 

Bryn: ya that one

Me: awww that's so sweet hey I gotta go ttyl

I turned my phone off and  and walked over to justin!!

Me: baby I'm sorry I don't like that guy I promise.

Justin: I know babe when you say that stuff it makes me feel like your going to leave me.

Me: I'd never leave you even if you left me id never fall in love again.

Justin: neither would I babe.

Me: okay know stop crying boo lets go get ready!!!

Justin: okay ohhh and make sure you wear your strapless bathing suit under your dress

Me: whatever makes you happy baby!!

I took a shower came out and it was 11:45 I saw justin OMG he looked hot!!! He was wearing white supras black jeans white shirt with a black vest and a black bow and black need glasses damnn 

Justin: so how do I look??

Me: ummm( I walked over to justin put my arms around his neck leaned in kissed him for awhile) does that explain it justin? You look fricking amazing!!!

Justin: not as amazing as you will!!

Me: hahaha well see about that!!!
I'm gonna go get ready!!!

I took my makeup straightener dress bathing suit and heels to the bathroom and got ready!!!! I slipped on my bathing suit. And then straightened my hair and did my makeup and put my dress and heals on. I clicked the home
Button on my iPhone it said 12:40 
I opened the door and there justin was looking at me eyes wide opened!!!

Me: so how do I look!!

Justin: fucking hot as ever damnn I choose the perfect girl!!!!

Justin came closer to me put his arms around my waist pulled me closer I swear it felt like we were grinding!!! And he leaned in and we made out for what seemed like ever his hands got lower down on my ass his lips ended up on my neck I loved it but it had to wait.

Me: justin!!! Stop!!! 

Justin: babe why you like it I like it

Me: JUSTIN!!!! I promised my mom
Before she died that I would always wear the purity ring till I get married and I'm not breaking that promise me and my mom had relationship tht no mother daughter could have. I'm sorry justin I'm sorry. 

I feel to the bed and tiny tears started escaping my eye. Justin walked over to me and kneeled down to the floor and grabbed my chin with his fingers and looked into my eyes

Justin: I'm sorry babe. I should have listened to you. And not force you to do that. I understand you don't have to be sorry. I won't ever do that ever. But if I were to I'd do it with you only. I want us to be with eachother forever and ever.

Me: no baby don't say sorry it's not your fault. Lets just go Im excited for the surprise.

I got up and wiped away the tears.

Justin: okay let's go

We got up and just about till we left there was a knock on the door.
And justin opened it.

Chaz: aye man

Ryan: yooo man

Justin: hey guys we were about to go somewhere 

Chaz and Ryan looked over at me and there jaws dropped and eyes widened

Ryan: OMFG you look so fricking hot

Chaz: damnnnnn girl you got some curves I like it.

Me: hahah aweee thanks guys.

I walked over to Ryan and Chaz and hugged them

Justin: she's mine you guys so don't even bother trying. Oh and your guys hands are a little low on that hug so I insist if you wanna keep your hands you raise them a little higher.

Me:hahah justin you such a cutie :) lets go then..

Justin: okay boys out of the room we have to go.

Ryan n Chaz: whatever u say dude.

We all walked out and justin grabbed the room key.

Ryan: bye beautiful (he hugged me and left)
Chaz: bye gorgeous (Chaz gave me kiss on the cheeck and left)

Justin: Chaz you little bitch stay away from her and don't touch her.

Me: hahah come on baby lets go.

Justin and I walked out and he opened his car door for me it was his bat mobile.

Me:thanks boo

Justin walked over to his side and got in.

Me: justin how Many cars do you have!!??

Justin turned on the car and started driving

Justin: lets just say I have enough money to get YOU a custom built car.

Me:  damnn baby!!! So where are we going??

Justin: well Im taking you out for lunch first. And then were going to the beach for a walk and then a night club and then back to the beach again.!!! Well be back home late but we can call Kenny if we have an problem!!

Me: OMG I'm so excited!! (( I beant over the seat and gave justin a kiss on the cheeck)

Me: I love you baby more than anything

Justin: I love you too your my world.

Damnn your gonna love the next chapter trust me!!!
Hope you happy bryn well you see bryn is my best friend I love her!!! 




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