True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


12. Sound check

Scooter walked back out of the room.i was sitting on the bed and justin was walkin back to me. I layed back down and put the covers ontop of me. Justin came and layed next to me and put his around me.

Justin: what's wrong babe?

Me: what if selena tries to take you away from me?

Justin: she wishes. I'm yours and your mine it's staying that way forever.

Me: you promise?

Justin: I promise!! Know lets go to sleep for the concert.

Me: night boo.

I gave justin a kiss on cheeck and put my head On his chest and he put his around me.

Justin: night babe I love you.

To the sound of Justin's voice I fell asleep.

*next morning of concert day*

Scooter: JUSTINN!!! Get your ass up get ready you have soundcheck!!

Justin: YEAH!!! Man I'm up.

Justin twisted over to me I was facing my face towards the window and he twisted me over to face him

Me: mmmmhhhh justin let me sleep!!

Justin: sorry babe but you have to get up I have a soundcheck and I want you to come.

Me: but Selena's going to be there!!

Justin: who cares about her.come on get ready!! 


I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I put on black highwaisted shorts and a red shirt and tucked it in to my shorts I slipped on my black vans and straightened my hair I put on some makeup and left the bathroom. I walked back to Justin's room. I walked into his room since we had eachothers keys!!

Me: justin I'm ready

Justin: awee babe you look adorable

Me: thanks boo can we go now!!!

Justin: yeah let's go

Me and Justin  walked downstairs to the front desk and scooter was their and so was mom,fredo,Dan, and Kenny and the security. Kenny and the security crowed around me and justin and pattie was behind us!! I felt so safe and protected.we got into the tour bus. And got to the arena sooner than I thought!!

Scooter: okay guys lets go in

Justin: your excited babe?

Me: your the one performing baby!!

Justin: I know but still

Me: ya I get to see my baby perform I'm so proud of you.

Scooter: okay bieb your starting off with "as long as you love me"

Justin: yes sir.

I walked down and say down with pattie we were closer than the other people were. There were some girls who got tickets to come to the soundcheck. Justin sang ALAYLM and kept looking at me the whole time I couldn't stand but blush!! He sang quite a few songs. And finally my favourite song which was "one less Lonley girl"

Pattie: come with me backstage sweetie

Me: ummm okay mum

Justin: there's going to be one less Lonley girl ohhhh

Me: OMG dont tell me I'm

Pattie: you are sweetie we planned this yesterday

Me: oh god mom

I walked up the stage and there fredo was holding my hand and walking me to the stool. I sat down on the stool and justin spun around me holdin my waist touching my face kissing my cheeck I was so happy it was so cute.

Justin: there's going to be one less lonely girl.

End of song.

Justin: scooter pass up some water!!!

Me: thanks justin you have no clue how happy you made me. I hugged justin and he hugged me back I gave him A quick kiss on the lips and was about to leave when justin grabbed my waist.

Justin: I'm glad you loved the surprise but stay please for the questions 

Me: haha okay boo.

Justin: have any question guys!! Yes what about you?

Belieber1: do you love me?

Justin: I love you all so much what about you?

Belieber2: can I ask two question?

Justin: of course!!

Belieber2:who is she?

Justin: she's my girlfriend her name is char!

Belieber2: can I tell her something?

Justin: of course.

Belieber2: your really pretty char.

Me: aweee thanks sweetheart (she was a little 5 yr old she was so cute)

Justin: okay guys that's it for now. Ill see you all tonight I love you all and thanks for coming!!!

Beliebers: bye justin we love.

All the beliebers walked out and left the arena.

Me: awee there so sweet I love them.

Justin: I love them too but not as much as I love you!! You ready for the dance off.


Justin: will you dance?

Me: ummmm

Justin: please your so good

Me: fine.

Fredo: okay let's start guys.

The first was fredo and he was good he was doing flips and bunch popping and locking. Man I'm glad I took 11 years of dance!!! The next was justin and he was dancing to teach me how to dougie and cat daddy and damnn can I say he looked hot as fuck dancing to it. Next was me and the song was "yeah" by usher I went in and stated dancing and everyone was amazed to see me dance!!

Justin: YEAHHH babe

Fredo: damn that girl can dance

Scooter: wow she's great.

Justin:. That's my baby right there.

I stopped dancing when the song was finished and I ran to justin and jumped him into a hug I was so embarrassed I Burried my head into his chest and he hugged me and kissed my forehead!!

Me: OMG that was so bad

Justin: are you frickin serious that was great!!

Me: as if hahha.

Everyone kept dancing till Justin's song "fall" was on.

DJ: oops sorry man!!

Justin: man wait start it over char going to dance to it she's so good at lyrical!!


Justin: babe PLEASEE

Me: OMG you owe me big time and I have just the right thing in mind.

Justin: fine

The DJ started the song over again and I danced all the way thru it since I already did a performance on it. I took my shoes off for it tho. Tbh I thought I did really good. I did bunch of flips and ballet lyrical and I thought it was so good!
The song finished and I scurried back to justin

Justin: babe that was so good you have no clue how great I feel you dancing to one of my songs!!

Me: awee thanks babe it was all for you.

Scooter walked over to us

Scooter: girl your so good you should have auctioned for Justin's background dancers!!

Me: aweee thanks scooter that's means alot haha

Justin: I'm so proud of you babe.

Me: thanks boo

Justin and I kind of started making out at wrong timing at the arena  but whatever it was all family but kind of awkward haha!!

Scooter: JUSTIN!!!

Justin: wait

Scooter: Selena's here!!

Me and justin stopped making out and looked eachothers eyes I was so scared!!

Justin: frick I hate her Im not talking to her properly just want to get this over with. Don't forget what I said together forever me and you!! Your wearing that necklace so it means us forever!!

Me: you promised she won't take you from me

Justin: and she won't and that's a promise

Me: okay.

Justin hugged me an kissed my forehead!!

Justin: don't talk to her nicely just be rude and give her attitude!!!

Me: are you doing the same?

Justin: oh hell yeah I am.

Me: haha then so will I.

Damnn the selena just can't get enough of justin!! What's going to happen next??? Sorry for the short chapter I still feel sick bye love you boos please comment like and favourite 


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