True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


4. Sick :(

Pattie was walking closer and closer and I was getting nervous god knows what she was going to say!

Pattie: so your the girl that justin keeps texting me about.

Me: haha I guess hi my name is charleen

I put my hand out to greet her.

Pattie: oh come here let me give you a hug.

She hugged me and her hug were like Justin's super warm and they make me feel safe.

Justin: ladies I love you both but ill be right back I'm gonna put her bags in my room.

Pattie: ok justin..

Justin left so it was only me and pattie

Pattie: sweetheart justin told me about your parents and I'm sorry to hear all that but I want you to make your self feel at home you can call me mom and Justin's dad dad and his brother and sister  are like yours.

Me: thank you pattie I'm so glad to have you and justin in my life you guys make me so happy and I love justin so much and always will.

Justin's POV 
Aweee I was putting char's things away and on my way back downstairs I heard her talk to my mom she said she was happy to have us in her life. I'm so happy charleen is happy I know it's been 2 days I meet her but I love her so much it's crazy but love. I'd do anything for her. I walked downstairs pretending I heard nothing

Justin: babe you tired you want to go to sleep it's been a long day.

Me: umm yeah I am tired and sleepy I guess I might as well.

Pattie: okay sweetie you both go get some sleep. I love you both

Pattie gave us both a hug and kiss good night. Me and justin walked upstairs to his room. It was  huge I loved it.

Me: justin I'm going to go change into my pjs

Justin: be back quick I wanna cuddle

Me: okay boo I will

I walked to his bathroom and put on my pj shorts and a white tank top and put my hair in a bun. I walked out and saw justin in bed I walked over and slipped into the covers with him. He put his arm around me and buried my neck into his bare chest.

Me: thanks justin

Justin: for what

Me: everything 

Justin: babe dont thank me. I really love you and I want you to know that.

Me: I really love you too justin.

I moved my head up and have him a kiss on the check.

Justin: lets go to sleep babe I'm tired and I can tell you are too. 

Me: okay :) I love you good night

Justin: I love you too babe

*next morning* 

Justin: babe get up
Me: i don't feel good justin

Justin: FUCK babe you have a fever your burning hot. 
Me: justin...

I was feeling so sick I felt like I was going throw up. I kept saying justin and I'm not sure why tho. I could feel all the food backing up in my stomach so I ran to the bathroom justin following me he grabbed my hair as I threw up. I got up and brushed my teeth. I turned to justin crying and he embraced me into a hug and I put my head into his chest crying

Justin: shhhh babe don't cry your going to be okay. Go back to bed I'm gonna go talk to mom and call a doctor.

Me: okay

Justin went downstairs and I could hear him talking to pattie

Justin: mom she's really sick she has fever and she's throwing up. I'm so fricking worried

Pattie: it's okay justin we'll call a doctor everything going to be alright

I heard Justin's footsteps coming up.

Justin: babe are you okay?
He asked siting next to me in bed stroking my hair.

Me: I don't know I have a headache

Justin: well mom called the doctor so he should be here soon.

Me: okay come cuddle till then.please?

Justin: of course babe

Pattie: JUSTINNNN!!!!!! Doctors here

Justin: ill be right back. I'm gonna go get the doctor.

Justin went to get the doctor I felt horrible so sick I felt like I was going to die. 

Justin: she's in here doctor 

I say up when they walked in

Doctor: hi charleen my name is Dr Reed.

Me: hi

Doctor: so how about you lay down while I take a few tests

Me: okay

*after tests* 

Doctor: okay well I'm done here

Justin: is she okay what's wrong with her?

Doctor: I think she just has a stomach flu she probably ate something she shouldn't have I wrote up some medication. Her fever is just her being stressed and probably just got sick.

Justin: okay thanks doc ill walk you out.

Justin POV 
I walked the doc outside I was so sad to see char sick I was so frustrated I didn't know what to do I went back to go see char she was standing there looking around.


Justin's POV
I can't belivie I just yelled at the girl I love her eyes were bloodshot she was tearing up and she was scared as ever I ran up to her and embraced her into a hug so right.

Justin: I'm sooo sooo sorry babe I didn't mean any of those words I promise I'm just so frustrated it hurts me to see sick. I love you so much and I can't see you like this.

Charleens POV
I couldn't believe justin yelled at me I was so hurt I started crying 

Me: it's okay justin it's understandable I should take care of myself a little more and become mature I guess I just became to
Excited for all this

Justin:no babe I should be taking care of you. Your my responsibility now and I'm gonna take care of you and put you on top of the world. Now go lay down and get some rest!

Me: only if you come cuddle with me?

Justin: just for abit tho babe I have to go get your medication

Me: okay 

Me and justin cuddled and laughed now and then I fell asleep and I felt him get up I grabbed his arm

Me: where are you going justin?
He walked over to me and kissed my forehead 

Justin: babe ill be back I'm going to go get your medication your starting to burn up. Stay here in bed and sleep ill be back soon.

Me: okay hurry back tho I can't sleep without you please.

Justin: I will babe

I fell asleep but not for to long. I heard the door opened up so I looked up

Me: justin what time is it?

Justin: 11:00 get up take your medication.

Justin handed me my medication and a glass of water I took it and got up and went to go get fresh in the bathroom. I came back and saw justin fast alsleep I felt bad he was awake since 7 looking after me so I tucked him and went downstairs. 

Pattie: how you feeling sweetie?

Me: okay mum but could be better

Pattie: where's justin?

Me: he's sleeping he's tired I bet.

Pattie:that kid he sleeps to much

Me: haha yeah he does mum I love him so much. 

Pattie: hun he loves u alot too I've never seen him feel this way about a girl the way he looks at you it's amazing hun!!!

Me: mum I hope we stay like this and nothing tears up apart

I started tearing up and couldn't hold my self.

Justin:  It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven (came by and took me to heaven, girl)
'cause when i stare in your eyes it couldn't be better (I don't want you to go, oh no, so)  Don't shed a tear.
Whenever you need me,
I'll be here (I'll never let you go) 

Justin sang to me came infront of me and pulled my chin up and looked me in the eyes. And wiped away my tears

Justin: babe nothing will tear us apart I love you to much to lose you. Your a blessing in my life that will never go away

Me: aweee justin I'm crying cuz I'm happy I love you so much 

I pulled him into a hug and jumped up and put my legs around his waist.

We hugged and he put me down

Pattie: aweee you two are so cute

Justin&Me: thanks hahha

Me and justin walked over to the couch and felt a little dizzy but didn't say anything. All of a sudden I fell I fainted I couldn't see anything but I could hear everything I heard

Babe please get up dont do this please babe pleaseee I love you so much come one get up pleaseee babe don't leave me.

I could feel Justin's tears coming down on my checks I tried getting up but I couldn't my head was pounding! What was happening to me? 

Justin: babe get up come on. I'm sorry I can barely take of you it's all my fault your sick ill never forgive myself if something happens to you. I'm sorry I'm such a bad boyfriend please babe pleaseee sweetheart get up. Mom why isn't she getting up mom wake her up mom I love her so much mom do something.

I could feel Justin's tears getting warmer and heavier. I couldn't say anything but I just wanted to get up and embrace him in a hug and never let go.  I couldn't stand to hear him cry and panic. 

Don't hate me!! I cried writing this but I had to make it more interesting I'm so proud that three chapters in 1 day I hope you all like it. Please please comment favourite and like and spread the word to read my book!!!!!!


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