True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


17. Shopping for justin

Justin's POV 
I woke up to an empty bed. I grabbed my phone and check the time.

Justin: babeeeeeeee

All silent.........

Justin:BABEEEEE!!! Where is she!

*ring ring*
Call from char!!

Me: hey baby you up?

Justin: well yeah but where are you?

Me: went shopping with mom and jazzy!

Justin: you could have told me that you were you going and gave me a kiss

Me: I gave you kiss boo. Go check In the mirror.

I walked over to the mirror just like char told me to and stood infront of it. I noticed a pink lipstick mark on my cheeck.

Me: see I did give you kiss babe!

Justin: hahah yeah you did, thanks boo. Are you 3 by your self?

Me: no Dave is by my side and we have 2 other security guards beside mom and jazzy!!

Justin: okay good take care of jazzy and yourself!! I'm going to keep texting you and calling you to make sure your both okay bye baby girl love you and miss you okay 

Me:bye boo love you and miss you too see you soon okay :)

I hung up the phone and started to walk with mom and jazzy

Pattie: so char what r u planning on getting for justin!?

Me: mom dont be mad just promise I won't be mad?

Pattie: I won't sweetie.

Me: well justin and I promised eachother that we want to spend te rest of our lives together and that when were 18 we will get engaged. And I want buy me and justin promised rings. Because I want show him that I Will keep that promise and how much I love him.

Pattie: aweeee baby that's so sweet of you. I think justin will absolutely love that and it's okay sweetie as long as 18 I'm okay with it.

Me: thanks mom.

Jazzy: will you pick me up char?

Me: awee of course jazz

We walked around the mall at a few jewellery shops looking for promise rings.

(Meanwhile justin)

Justin: you man your cheating I'm better at COD

Ryan: as if bro.

*beep beep*

Justin: hold on man I got a text.

Ryan: hurry


Hey baby can we talk?



No. Don't text me ever again just let me live my life I like it the way it is.


Ryan: who was it?

Justin: selena. Pissing me off.

Ryan: what the fu k does she want know?

Justin: idk man. Yo bro wat should I get char for Christmas?

Ryan: buy her a diamond necklace

Justin: YEAHH I think I will she told me she didn't want one for the dress shes wearing on Christmas night for the party so I guess she can wear one at the party.
I think ill get her a big diamond necklace with teddy bears  she loves them and boxes chocolates
Sounds good ill go tommorow and buy her some of these things!!

(Back to char

Pattie: how about we come in here?

Me: okay mom.

Pattie: ohh I like these ones me and Justin's dad had some like these.

Me: yes mom I love these they silver plain band rings and I can get "together forever" written on the inside of mine and "forever together" on his!

Pattie: that's perfect sweetie go put the order in and ill grab my card.

We out the order in and waited for them make them and them took the things and went for a walk around the mall.

Me: mom I want to get something for jazzy and jax it's my first Christmas with these cuties.

Pattie: do you have anything in plan for them?

Me: I'm thinking ill send justin out to get something for them Since he knows what they like.

Pattie: okay sweetie wanna go home now?

Me: ya I'm getting tired.

We got into the car and as we go in I got a text from justin.

To: my baby girl <3
When you coming home?

To:my boo <3 
Soon approximately 10 minutes on my way home.

To: my baby girl <3
Okay can't wait!!!

We pulled up in the driveway after dropping jazzy off at her house. I grabbed the bags and went inside. I hung up my coat and took off my shoes.


Justin: (whispers in my eat from
Behind) right here baby girl.

I turned around and hugged him tight it felt like i haven't seen in forever. I'm so use to being around him and one day without him seems like one year without him. Justin rested his chin on my head and kissed me on the head.

Justin: what's wrong?

Me: nothing I just missed you and your hugs n kisses it feels wired being away from you for so long.

Justin: I missed you too babe!

Me: I need you to do me a favour

I said while grabbing the gift bags.

Me: go buy some presents for jaxon and jazzy cuz I have no clue what they like.

Justin: well we can go together tommorow don't worry bout it? So what's In the bag?

Me: something you'll never know.

I kissed his nose and walked upstairs to hide his present.

Me: follow me and you die.

Justin: wasn't planning on it babe

Me: good

I ran into room and opened up the little space up in the roof and stuck the  bag up and changed into Justin's sweats and my purple tank top. I walked back down and plopped next to justin on the couch and layed my head on his lap.

Justin:nice postion where your head is.

Me: shut up boo.

Justin bent down and kissed my

Justin: are you tired?

Me: a little. 

Justin: do you want to sleep?

Me: no.  Want to watch a movie?

Justin: yah sure what movie do you want to watch?

Me: Ummmm doesn't matter.

Justin: go put In movie.

I looked up at justin and made a pouty face.

Me: do I have to?

Justin: no it's okay I will.

Me:thanks baby.

I kissed justin on lips and he got up and put the movie on. And walked back i put my head on his lap again.

Me: your going to love your Christmas present. Only 2 more days till you get to open it.

Justin: babe I'm getting your tommorow so when we go I'm going to send you with fredo for awhile till I go and buy it for you.

Me: oka boo, but for spend to much money.

Justin: ill spend as much as I princess needs to be treated like a princess.

Me: well your princess thinks your doing to much for her.

Justin: I think it's perfectly good. Oh and something to tell you in totally forgot.

Me: what is it?

Justin: selena text me.

I shot up from Justin's lap and looked at him.

Me: what'd she say?

Justin: she said "hey baby can we talk" and I told her not to fricking text me again and that I'm
Happy with the life I'm living right dont worry I'm not leaving you. I promise a promise is a promise.

Me: I know baby but what if she tries to sabotage our relationship.

Justin: as long as we love  eachother and trust eachother we will be together and forever.

Me: okay boo I love you justin

Justin: I love you too princess
I layed back In Justin's arm and we watched the movie.

*after a while*

Me: what u didn't find anything scarier than this.

Justin: hahaha sorry babe but I thought if I'd put on a scary movie we'd get to cuddle.

Me: justin all you have to do is ask.

Justin:babe can we cuddle?

Me: NOPE!!

I got up and went into the kitchen and started making dinner.

Me:what do you want?

Justin: YOU

I glared at justin

Me: what do you want for dinner?

Justin: anything works.

Me: go turn the BBQ on and cook steak.

Justin: why me?

Me: justin.

Justin: what?

Me: if this is what your going to do after we get married then maybe I should rethink this.

Justin: no no no no rethinking. Can't we order pizza tonight?

Me: fine. 

Justin grabbed the phone and called the pizza place and ordered pepperoni both of our favs!!

The pizza showed up within seconds at our door. And we grabbed the pizza and ate. I got up and out the dishes away and the rest of the pizza in the fridge. Mom was at a friends house for the night so it was only me and justin.

Justin: wanna head upstairs?

Me: yeah!! I'm sleepy

We headed upstairs and justin took his pants and shirt off he was wearing Boxers under his pants so it was all good.he go into the bed while I took off my sweats.

Justin: okay there go ahead and strip down.

Me: shut up justin I'm wearing spandex under em.

Justin: I know babe I'm just kidding. 

I got into the bed and cuddles with justin I wrapped my arm around his waist. 

Justin: I'm so excited for the Christmas party and you going to love your present.

Me: oh an trust me your going to love yours too. It's beyond the best!!

Justin: I can't wait.

I looked up and looked into Justin's eyes and were in that postion for about 5 minutes till he grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards him
And we leaned in for a kiss. His lips were so soft and pulp. He was such a great kisser.

Me: I love you

Justin: I love you too

I snuggled my head into his chest again.

Me: I wish my parents were alive to see how happy I am with you.

Justin: they are babe there looking at us right now but we can't see them. Don't be sad about it okay. You have another family too. Who loves you alot.

Me: I know baby but sometime so just wish I could see them. I use to want to go up there with them. I actually tried to once boo.

Justin: what?when?why?how?

Me: it was a week after we started dating. I felt like if I got to close to you ill lose you too. I feel like if I get to close to someone ill lose them. I'm
Scared justin. I tried it when we were at the beach and you played that prank on me i left and was walking back to the hotel and i went by a bridge and stood there I was scared you'd leave me one day and I got up on the bridge and and sat on it. Till someone came and swung me back and asked if I was okay. I'm sorry for not telling you.

Justin was crying while listing to me.

Me: why r u crying justin. I'm here arnt I?

Justin: the fact that I could have lost you. 1 week after we started dating. And I didn't even get to see you or say I love you too. And we were in a fight before all this happened. I'm never going to leave you no matters what happens. It will always be us. I don't care if we get I'm fights we can sit down and work this stuff out. No don't need to think about it. I love you and only you. And don't ever try such a thing like this again. Please.

Me: I'm sorry justin nor will I think of doing it again and nor will I think of you leaving me.

I got up and cleaned Justin's eyes so he wasn't crying. He also cleaned my tears and I gave him a kiss on the cheeck.

We cuddles again and drifted to sleep. It was 3:31am when I woke up.


Justin got up and turned the lamp on and started shaking me.

Justin: babe what's wrong are you okay!!??

I opened my eyes and jumped up to him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back and kissed my head.

Justin: what happen?

Me: I had a nightmare you left me.?

Justin: babe I'm not leaving no matters what okay?

Me: I know you won't leave but he also left?

Justin took me to the bed again and we cuddled again.

Justin: who also left?babe tell me who this is?

Me: my brother.

Justin: wait what? 

Damnnnn she has brother. Who is he? 

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