True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


1. Regular Day?

Charleen's POV

**beep beep beep**

"Yay" I said as I turned my alarm clock off you see today is belieber day and as you all know i love Justin Bieber. I got up and walked to the bathroom to go get ready for school I put on a purple shirt that said Belieber in white print with my shirt i put on some white denim short shorts. i straightened my long black hair and put my bangs to the side. i put on my purple adidas hightops and walked downstairs no one was home since mom was at work and so was dad. I grabbed an apple and ate it on my way to the bus stop you see i had my learners but i couldn't drive yet. so i got to my bus stop and checked the time it was 8:15 i still had 10 minutes left so i looked around outside. all of a sudden i see a black range rover drive pass and it kept going but all of a sudden it stopped. my heart started pounding what if it was some who was planning on kidnapping me. but it backed up and stopped infont of me. someone opened the door and out came Justin Bieber the last person i thought id meet. my mouth dropped open and i was speechless.

Justin: heyy.

me: ummm... HI

Justin: please don't fan girl

me: okay :)

omg i was totally fangirling inside but i couldn't let Justin know that.

Justin: so you taking the bus to school?

me: yeahh i cant drive yet unless i have adult supervison

Justin: can i take you to school?

me: is that really a question you need to ask. of course you can justin

so Justin opened the door for me and i stepped inside and Justin went all around to his side. i told him what school i went so his driver would know the right way.

Justin: soo..whats your name?

me: Charleen Shergill

Justin: omg i love your name is beautiful and so are you.

i turned around blushing.

Justin: heyy look here no need to blush im just saying the truth.

Justin's POV

OMG she was beautiful i had to get the driver to back up i saw she was a fan cause she was wearing a belieber shirt. she had long black hair and dark brown eyes with tan skin. she was perfect. just want i wished for now all i have to do is get to know her better. so i asked her if i could take her to school and she said yes. i told her she was beautiful and she blushed and damnn can i say she looks hot.

Charleen POV

OMG i cant belivie Justin wants to take me to school and i have 1 week left of school wow this is perfect. but why me theres 10000 other girls but why?. i was so happy and this was the best day of school i couldn't belivie it.

Justin: so umm i was wondering if we could switch numbers?

Charleen: of course we can i have your phone for a second?

Justin and i switched phones and i put in my contact and put my name in as Char. i gave Justin his phone back and he gave me mine.

Justin: aweee is Char your nickname?

me: ahaha yeahh :/

Justin: its cute i like it mind if i call you that?

me: of course not :)

i checked my phone to see his contact and it said "my baby" i looked over at Justin with a smile on my face. right then we got to school.

me: "my baby" really Justin that's cool. but i gotta go ill text you later maybe.

Justin: awe :( well make sure you do text me.

he leaned in for a hug and i got butterflies in my stomach but i hugged him anyways.

me: bye Justin thanks for the ride

Justin: bye anytime and it was great meeting you text me later.

Justin POV

I was sad that we got to her school so quick i really wanted to talk her more. i guess i just need someone to talk to since the break up with selena. i don't know why but i kinda missed char already :(

2 hours later

Justin POV

omg she hasn't even texted me yet. i wanna talk to her so badly. maybe i should text her wait will that make me clingy. nahh im Justin bieber of course it wont be. so i texted her saying

To: Char

heyy..beautiful hows school going so far?

Charleens POV

I was still so amazed cuz of the fact i got dropped off by  Justin. i really missed him i wanted to talk him i was so eager for break so i could text him but it was taking forever. i felt my phone vibrate and i took it out of my pocket to see who it was. and it was Justin i acted calm and normal and read his text and it said.

To: Char

heyy..beautiful hows school going so far?

i had a slight smile while reading the text i relplied

To: My Baby

heyyy.. ughh sucks so far so boring.. lucky you. you don't have to be at school :P

i felt my phone vibrate again was that a quick reply.

To: Char

aweee poor you :( wanna ditch i can come pick you up and we could go out for lunch idk maybe like a date?

omg i read the text was Justin bieber asking me on a date no way cant be happening.

To: My Baby

OMG id love you forever if u came to pick me up and yess id love to go out for lunch as a date ;) im starving.

To: Char

kk babe ill be there in 15 minutes ill meet you in the front.

Justin POV

OMG she said yess i was finally going on a date with her. yay. i was so happy i put on my black skinny jeans and threw on a white v neck and slipped on my black supras. i left the door to go pick char up but i went in my white Camaro.




hey guys this is my first story and in sorry if it sucked but i promise ill make it better like the format the story everything please no hate im trying my best to do good.


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