True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


6. Nightmares

Me: maybe I shouldn't go justin.

I looked up at justin his face turned pale and eyes went all watery. Maybe it was for the best I'm just going to be more trouble for him.

Justin: what?why? Babe please you. Promised me you'd go.

Me: justin I'm gonna be more trouble for you. You can't do concerts and watch me at the same time 

Justin: yes I can please trust me please babe

Justin was now crying his eyes were drowning with tears.

Me: okay fine ill go.

Justin: thanks babe. Lets sleep we have to wake up early tommorow. While you were gone mom packed out bags I was to sad to pack up.

Me: babe can we please not bring that up again. I'm sorry about that bringing that up is making me feel bad. 

Justin: okay I'm sorry babe lets sleep. Good night. I love you. 

Me: night boo I love you too

Me and justin drifted to sleep cuddled in eachothers arms with our heads Burried into eachother necks and we out in a blink of an eye.

**next morning***

Pattie goes into Justin's room quietly.
Pattie: justin sweetheart wake up and wake char please.

Justin: no mom ill carry her into the tour bus and jet I don't want her waking up. Shes still sick.

Pattie: okay but atleast you go get ready.

Justin: kk.

Justin's POV
I woke up tired as frick. I took a shower put on my gray sweats and a white v neck. Mom and Kenny grabbed the bags and out them in the tour bus. I picked up char and took her into the bus. I went into the room put her down and layed down next to her and cuddled with her even tho she was asleep. She put her arm on my waist and her head on my chest. She looked like an angel. I love her so much.

Pattie: wake up justin we have to board the plane.

Justin: grab the stuff I'll carry char.

Pattie: okay sweetie

**in the plane**
I tucked her into the bed in the plane and have her a quick kiss on the forehead and went out to talk to everyone else.

Justin: well mom it's a good thing she's not hot anymore means she doesn't have a fever.

Pattie: I told you she'd be fine hun she's better now.

Me: JUSTINNNNN!!!!!!!!  

Pattie: OMG what happened should I come

Justin: no stay mom

Justin's POV
I heard char scream my name I ran to the room. And there she was sitting up on the bed her eyes filled with tears. She saw me and ran up to me and hugged me I hugged her back I didn't know what was happening she was crying so hard.

Justin: hey hey babe what happen why are you crying?

Me: *sniff* I *sniff* had a nightmare

Justin: shhhh come here let's go lay down in bed and you can tell me about it.

Justin's POV
I took her to the bed and she layed her head in my lap and stopped crying.

Justin: babe what was your nightmare?

Me: Me and You went on a vacation after your tour and you and I were in the beach laughing having fun and then selena showed up and said she still had feelings for you and you told her you had feelings for her to and you said it infront of me and you left me on the beach and walked away with her. *sniff*

Justin: babe I'm soo sorry I would never do such a thing. What I had with selena is over it's long over I would never think of leaving you. Your perfect your everything I could ask for your all I need and want. I'm
Happy to be with you and I would never leave you for her. I'd do anything to make you belivie me and id do anything for you.

Justin's POV
OMG I feel horrible and sad I started crying when char told me about her dream I love her so much and I would never leave for anybody she meant the world to me she's all I have and she has no one but me and I wouldn't think to hurt her.

Me: I know justin I trust you every word you said I know you meant it I know you would never leave me ever.

Justin: well babe in happy you know that.

Me: justin how'd I get on the plane?

Justin: well you were sleeping and you looked beautiful and I didn't want to wake you up so I carried you to the tour bus and from the tour bus to plane :) 

Me: aweee justin your so sweet but I should get freshened up a little. I'm going to take a shower and ill be back.can I wear something of yours?

Justin: babe you don't have to ask take my sweats and my black v neck you'll be comfy In them.

Me: heheheh okay boo.

Charleens POV 
I was walking to take a shower and justin came from behind me and hugged me

Justin: *whispers in my ear* I love you
Me: "I turn around" and I love you 
I gave him a kiss on the lips and walked to the shower.

Annnn I updated hope you guys are enjoying it so far. I updated for my best friend who was bugging me telling me to update hahah BRYN hope your happy now love ya girl..

What's going to happen next?
WILL SELENA GOMEZ BE IN THE STORY? WILL JUSTIN LEAVE HER? Read to find out!!!!! Oh and sorry it's so short I have to study for my drivers I failed and I have to do a assignment maybe tonight tho ill update love you boo's

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