True Love

I never really thought I'd meet the Justin Bieber my idol my first love my everything. What happens when Justin and Charleen fall in love? Read to find out.


2. lunch date

Charleen's POV

 I gathered up my books and everything and made an excuse to the teacher saying I have a doctors appointment. I walked out to the front looking at my phone the time was 12:00 it was a perfect time for lunch. I opened the front doors and there was Justin look fricking hot as ever leaning against his white Camaro. I put a big smile on my face and walked over to him.


Justin: Heyy babe.

and he embraced me into a hug.

Me: awe u don't have to call me babe.

Justin: well I want to :)

Me: okay. :)

Justin: so where should we go?

Me: Uhmm can I go home first I want to change into something more comfortable please?

Justin: Yeah sure.

Me: thanks..

**infront of the house**

Me: come in

Justin: are your parents home?

Me: no there on a business trip for a year its only been 6 month so far.

Justin: kk ill come in with you


I opened the door and walked in and Justin closed it.

Me: help your self make your self feel like your at home. ill be down in 5 minutes

Justin: awe thanks babe.

I ran upstairs panicking what to wear so I put on my black spandex short shorts with a blue tank top and I touched up my makeup and threw on my roxy flip-flops and grabbed my phone and wallet.

Me: im ready and comfy as ever.

Justin: k babe lets go then.

he opened the door for me and I tossed him the key and he locked the door for me. I walked over to his car and he opened the door for me and I went in.

Me: thanks

Justin: so I was thinking why not go to the park and go for some ice cream and ill take you for lunch after that.

Me: okay sounds good.

Justin: great

so we get to the park and walk around for awhile.

Justin: so I want to get to know you better throw some facts on me?

Me: so im an only child mom and dad are  on a business trip like I said before. im a very sensitive, emotional, person. oh and my birthdays on  march 5 and im 17.

Justin: well I like girls who are sensitive and emotional and im glad your a year younger than me I can protect you then. so what are you plans after high school?

Me: well my grad was last week and I have 4 days left of school so I might not want to do anything for a year and just enjoy my time off. How long are you staying here before you go back on tour?

Justin: well just another week.

my smile dropped and I thought I was going to cry but I help in my tears.


Justin: kay how about you stay in line and I go to the bathroom real quick?

Me: okay don't take to long.

I was waiting in line and can I say it was long till I felt someone quickly stand behind me. I looked back and it was a group of teenage boys. great!!!!!!!!

Boys: hey there hottie

I ignored them I didn't want to start a scene. Till one of them put his hand around my waist.

Me: ummm excuse me don't touch me you creep.

Boys: aweee well I wont stop.

another boy put his hands on my ass and started to grab it and I could feel my eyes fill with tears. and the guys were surrounding me on to the side of the line. I saw Justin and I screamed.


Justin: WTF you guys let her go before I knock all your teeth out.

the boys ran and Justin embraced me into a hug I buried my head into his chest and started crying.

Justin: im sorry babe I shouldn't have left you this is all my fault.

Me: no Justin its okay its not your fault can you take me home please?

Justin: yeahh for sure lets go.

so we go into the car and it was silent I could tell Justin was hurt because he wasn't there to protect me. but I took off my flip-flops and pulled my knees up to the seat and rested there.

Justin: kay babe where here.

Me: will you come in and stay for awhile. please?

Justin: don't ask id love to stay.

So we walked over to the door and Justin opened it.

Me: ill be back im going to change in to my pjs.

I went upstairs and threw on my purple pj shorts and my black sweater.

Me: want to watch a movie Justin?

Justin: sure. do you have mean girls?

Me: uhhh ahaha yeah ill put it on.

So I put it on and hopped on to the couch.

Justin: babe come closer and sit next to me.

Me: okay :)

So when we were watching the movie I feel asleep I don't know when but I new my head was one Justin's lap and he was brushing threw my hair.

**ring ring ring**

Justin: shit!!! shes going to wake up.

Me: hmmmm Justin.

Justin: im sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you up.

Me: its okay

I got up and sat next to Justin and out my head on his shoulder.

Justin: Char?

I was shocked Justin called me char after so long.

Me: yeahh?

Justin: look I now we just meet today and I really really like you so I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend.

Charleen's POV

OMG I couldn't believe it Justin just asked me to be his gf. I was starting to tear up because I was so happy.

Me: omg Justin are you serious. of course I want to.

Justin. really? YESS.  u just made me day.

Justin embraced me into a hug and planted a soft warm kiss on check. and I rested my head on him again.

Justin's POV

I cant believe she said yess I like her so much its not even possible to explain.

Justin: babe I should get going ill text you later.

I was falling asleep and I didn't want Justin leaving.

Me: hmm Justin please.stay..?

Justin: are you sure babe?

Me: yes.

Justin: okay well you look tired so lets head upstairs?

Me: carry me?

Justin: aweee okay

so Justin carried me upstairs. and put me to bed and tucked me in. and walked off but I grabbed his arm

Me: where are you going?

Justin: downstairs to sleep on the couch.

Me: shut up and come cuddle with me in bed.

Justin: are your sure I sleep in my boxers?

Me: I don't care just hurry up and come please.

Justin: okay :)

charleens POV

so Justin go into bed and put his arm around my stomach and buried his head into my neck. I played around with his hair and started to wonder. will this work?us?me?him?

Me: Justin will our relationship even work I mean your going on tour in 5 days?

Justin shoot his head up and his eyes started to turn red he was tearing up.

Justin: babe it'll work I promise. just don't say that please?

Me: Justin im sorry but please don't cry please.?

he nudged his head back into my neck. and shoot it up again

Justin: babe go on tour with me? you have 4 days left of school and u said urself u  don't want to go to college.babe we can be with each other or so long. please I've never felt this way about a girl even pleseeeeeee

Me: Justin. I would love too but what about scooter and Pattie?

Justin: they'll be fine trust me okay.

me: okay ill go on tour with you.

Justin: yess thank you babe I love you

Justin's POV

she said yes to the tour. I've never felt this way before about a girl. I love her so much and I cant believe I told her I love her.

me: I love you too Justin now go to sleep we can talk tomorrow I promise

Justin: okay good night

me: good night

charleens POV

I cant believe he asked me to go on tour he's changing  my life around and I need it to be changed I felt so lonely about everything but I loved the new change and most of all I love him. I couldn't wait till the tour. it was all so exciting tomorrow well be planning everything. I need some sleep. Justin looked so cute asleep his bare chest and  his eyes shut and lips puckered up. I gave him a quick kiss on the check and a little smile came upon his face and he mumbled

Justin: I love you a lot

Me: I love you a lot to Justin.

and we drifted asleep



HEY GUY im sorry if it sucked like I said im trying my best how do u like it so far? is it good? does it suck? help me improve? please comment favourite and like. maybe ill update again later.

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